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Love @ Seventeen

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The month of June was hailing with the strains of rains

Grey clouds were frequently pregnant with desire, afire,

with loaded vapours. It was raining heavily that day ,

wind was blowing in boisterous mood. Soon I got out of my

guitar class,as it was over by 9 pm. Hurriedly I rushed towards the

parking lot as I was already late to reach home. But it was all

turned out in vain. South ex street was full of husling crowd.

The chilly breeze and pouring raindrops were enough to revitalize me.

It was raining so heavily at that point of time, I was hardly geeting the

Glimpse of people across the roads in the darkness of rainy evening.

I had never experienced the soothing feeling of pouring raindrops

Splashing on face, cool breeze kissing on the cheeks, making me incorrigibly

romantic. I did not want to miss those beautiful moments of my life,

as it is the biggest reality of world that time and memories never come back

again. So grab it, enjoy it , because it doesn’t going to last for long.


Within those ten minutes of my delirious romance with nature’s glory,

I rejoiced to love-dove songs of pattering rain, Dance dup in heaven of verve

on the music of  thundering lights , roaring clouds.

I realized why my mumma kept telling me that “ The raindrops landing on

cheeks is a kiss from angels who are in heaven and loving you sevretly “.

As soon as my romance was over , I found myself totally wet &

shuddering with cold. I decided to no more enjoy the pouring love rainfall and

leave for home. I got into the car and started heading to home.

But there was damn traffic all over across Delhi roads as compare to usual days.

This is the most dramatic scenario around Delhi’s streets during rains. 


The lights of vehicles passing by from opposite direction were blurring all the scenes and views along the roads. I was ruminatively trudging on my way to home. As soon as I reached  Ashram fly over, suddenly I saw a Women waving her arms frantically and shouting for Taxi. Simultaneously trying hard to wipe out her ringlet hair from her beautiful face, while holding a Luggage bag in other hand.

It was just like seeing a mesmerizing dream with open eyes, when I got her single glimpse through red Saree. She was really beautiful than all other girls, ladies n womens I had ever seen. Her face was so blooming, cheeks were Chilly red, curly hairs, silver earrings, strawberry perfume, smile was like an Angel’s blessings.

She has an enthralling personality. She was passionately waiting for a Cab or taxi along the road side. I was easily witnessing her glittering presence even it was darkness spreading everywhere. The moment I saw her , my heart beats started chiming like guitar.

Posies started clinging to my neck. I was comparing her looks with the one glimpse of  whitish moon through grey clouds. It was becoming damn hard for me to ignore her voice, who is still shouting for help. I had to reach home soon, otherwise I would have dropped her to her destination. But As people say, Sometimes its hard to hide your feelings and to go against heart’s wish. I already fallen in love with this lady, even without knowing her name yet. So I thought why not to grab the chance of dropping her and to make this moment memorable. But what will happen, If she would going to refuse my request ? I paused for a while, and strangely I was ready to get hurt my male ego by her.

After few minutes of trudging, I reached to her.

She already noticed me coming towards her, but showing like she did not interested in going with me. It’s the only way all girls/ladies pretend when a smart guy like me offer them lift or may be drink.

I pulled down the window pane glass of my car, & asked her for lift.

Could I drop you somewhere ? yeaah, you beautiful lady !

She gazed at me, preffered to keep silent, without saying single word.

I addressed her again, there are very few chances of you getting a cab or taxi tonight as its already late, and raining heavily. I knew that there is sum weired thoughts or dounts were going in her mind. I could easily read her face. I replied to her again, so you are thinking I will going to kidnap you while giving you lift ?

Don’t worry dear, I am just 17, wont going to kidnap you and demand ransom from your family.

I should thank god at that time, somehow some where my humorous nature helped me. I was successful in turning her silence to a giggling smile.

She started laughing innocently. I was like falling for her all over again with her chirpy smile. She replied – even if you will try, you can’t as I am 24 ! hahaha….

And I am already married. So no chance of even flirting.

While saying this, she breaked into laugh. Okay I take your offer of dropping me to my destination, while getting into the car.

I asked here , so which place you are heading upto ?

Where I would drop you ? . she replied in a melodious & firm voice with a pleasant smile on her face. I have to rach to New Delhi station as soon as possible.

I guess you are going out of station for holidays ? I asked her in a well maintained tone.

She became a bit more comfortable & told me – I am Paridhi , basically from Delhi.

I am surgeon , did my medicine from AIIMS. Now going to Bangalore for research fellowship. I never thought I was talking to such an intelligent lady till the time she introduced herself to me. I was utterly stunned. My heart silently whispered

“ Beauty with brain is a killing combination “

 It was the toughest thing for me to start a conversation with her , but everything

Was happening itself for the next 20 minutes while driving, she kept on chatting in a

Chirpy mood. She never let me felt that we know each other from only half  an hour.

I was totally lost in euphoria of her presence. As the each moment was passing,

She was entangling me in the curls of her hair, enmeshing me in scuffle of her

Rhetorical personality. She had an amazing presence of mind to make the other person

Smile out of nothing. I found myself only piffling infront of her. Still I did not care if I was sounding stupid or acting dumbo while sharing those childish instances of my life with her. I did not know if she was laughing only to please me. But it was for sure, I was loving her adorable smile, her scented nascence was rousing my soul. She was wiping

Off her hairs from her face after regular intervals, so that either she could stare at me secretly or to tantalize my heart by giving her one glimpse through red saree .

I was enliving some scrumptious moments of my life even without caring about that what will going to happen within next few minutes.

Soon we reached to New Delhi railway station. I stopped the car. It was still raining heavily outside  & I can feel it as the chimes of warm pattering rain striking my ears .

These sounds were enough to wake me up from dream. I got down from the car & opened the gate for her like a royal man. As she got down, I heared the dingling of her silver anklets, her heart beats were softly singing the love song.

“Thank you” ! she said.

Her voice broke down my unconsciousness, dreams faded away.

I got the feeling that her mesmearizing eyes were telling an untold tender love story.

Might be she was expecting me to speak few honey dipped words for t memorable time

We just spend together. But again I came out as stupid, as my lips were glued, unables to express those feelings which I went through while diving in the over brimming pond og her love. I became too numb. Still somehow gathered some courage & replied to her.

I was really lucky to meet you. Actually you are the most beautiful lady I had ever met.

Your innocent smile mede me loose passions, made my heart utterly surrender.

You made me realize what Love is all about.

“Love seek no reason”

Love seek No Barriers & no age bars“

She extended her hands to shake hands with me. It was an amazing and strange feeling to get fit my fingers in between her tender ones. I was stirring in her million dollar warmth of her compassion. As I said earlier beautiful moments doesn’t last for long.

So finally comes the time to say good bye to her. I wanted time to just stand still then forever would be she and me. I wanted to freeze the time. I was longing to linger in her presence for a moment, or two more. I was dying , if she could hold me in her arms for the ultimate test of my life. I wa spraying to god to give that much strength to my hands to hold her hands for the lifetime.

Suddenly she started walking away from me, towards the platform. I was looking at her while standing ruminatively. My eyes were wet. My heart was still longing for her warm hug for last time. I did not know how but , indeed she listened to my heart’s whispers. She turned back at instant & cam towards me. Within few minutes, I was in her arms. Yeaah she was holding me tightly in her arms, clinging to my neck.

I was leaving with the fact that she can never be mine , knowing that I can never sit by her side forever.

But I could store the warmth of her tender touch, music of her palpitating heart beats in my heart for lifetime. Every story does not end up having happy endings. Some are always untold ones. But those love stories are the ones which could bring a smile on your face even without nothing, redness on your cheeks, & will leave you blushing all alone.

I had learnt so many things from those beautiful moments.

“ Life moves on Leaving memories that turn into songs “ 

Neer Singh Rajput

PLIGHT: A shame?

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I wish you could listen to us and see,

How we’re going through this agony every moment.

This life’s difficult to lead,

‘cuz we don’t have a proper place to live.

City people don’t pay heed,

They’re only concerned with their greedy needs.

Life’s afar from the reality,

But no one looks so guilty.

Scrounging for shelter and food from place to place.

All we ask for is a place to stay.

Our plight is a shame for some!

Nobody bothers to care for us,

Still there’s a ray of hope.

Someday, we too wish to have our own dome!

Preeti Manchanda




A thought… indeed true

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Learning Is Wealth None Could Destroy. Nothing Else gives Genuine Joy

Anandita Trikha

UCSSH, MohanLal Sukhadia University, Udaipur


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“In remembrance, you shall stay with us

‘neath bright and stygian skies…

In remembrance of those mirthful days

Only true friends could suffice…”


Coming from me, the above might sound a tad bit ‘emotional’ and ‘sensitive’… very much antagonistic of my usual self… But do not be alarmed, the above never fervidly arose from my chronically disturbed encephalon. The above is just my rendition of the heart-warming aura I find myself encapsulated in… regretfully…

Four years of solitariness in tribal grasslands with the company of unknowns can have its toll on perfectly sound gentlemen, never mind the already perturbed.

For sanity’s sake, people made acquaintances, friends, buddies… whatever you wish to call them. Some even made enemies to add storm to their lull environment. I did not intend to make any ‘good friends’ or ‘sworn enemies’, but apparently my kaleidoscopic nature lead to the demise of my intentions, and I remained swarmed with people all throughout the four years… which I hate?… like?… I do not know… I cannot even tell…

Coming back to the present, I see a very overtly friendly nature in people around me. I think I understand this nature, the feeling of separation, the scare of moving on to a new life, the fear of starting again from the scratch in some other distant place.

This whole thing can get a bit excruciating, both emotionally and insensitively…

Just this afternoon… a friend of mine… shared a final hug… and said…

“We’ll meet again someday… keep in touch”

“Umm… sure man sure…” I could only reply.

“I’ll always remember the good old times” he said and hugged again.

As he hugged, an eerie response went through my head and brusquely I blurted it out…


“Try to forget me, remembrance is agony’s womb”


The guy looked at me in awe; remorselessly I looked back and nodded in agreement of my last reply. He walked away… probably forever… I stood there hoping for the same.

I am not an apathetic stone; I can be sympathetic and empathetic… I can be passionate and compassionate… It is just that others can never understand what I am, what makes me, what breaks me, why I sing, why I write, what I hate and whom I love… and what you don’t understand is what you should never fiddle with… and is better best forgotten…

I have lived under a veil of lies and now the weight of the veil is too much for me to bear. My back aches, my neck aches and most severely my heart aches.

I wish to burn this veil and start anew… I wish to burn this veil and start anew… I wish…

But I can never take the veil off if I am kept alive in remembrance. For what lies beneath the veil is an appalling panorama of deceit and to survive the four years the veil needed to be woven… the lies needed to be sewn onto it… fraudulence needed to be knit upon it…

It is most difficult for me to say goodbye, for I know when I say ‘Goodbye’ it means eternal… the perfect definition of ‘Goodbye’… to never meet again… to never follow…

I cause pain when remembered, I cause regret when treasured, I cause malady when cherished… I am the coyote amongst men… anguish breeds where I fornicate… misery serenades where I play my harp… I know this as I have witnessed it with my very eyes, heard it with my very ears and felt it with my own skin.

I wish I had never donned this veil… but that is hoping too much… and too late… I wish you all would forget me… but that again is hoping too much… and too late…

For now… friends… enemies… I can only say…


In remembrance, I will stay with you

‘neath the dark and vivid skies

In remembrance you shall curse me

For those vile and vicious lies…

Vikrant Singh


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Pearls trickled from the beautiful mother of pearls

through valleys and orchids destined to disappear

like a morning spring dew on pale yellow grass 

with very first ray of sunlight………………

earlier in degrees of time there was

hypnotizing happiness, heavenly joy, 

mesmerizing contentment and holly peace of smile

but now a rain of pain,

I being helpless getting wet too & witness to that disappearance

saw the treasure being emptied………..

In all my senses never wanted tears in her eyes

but was amazed to see the footloose of pearls……..

anyway this was the first when she cried

and to make it last

I have mortgaged my soul to destiny…………..

Ravikant Singh



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I’d like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me;

I’d like to be the help that you’ve been always glad to be;

I’d like to mean as much to you each minute of the day,

As you have meant, old friend of mine, to me along the way…

I’d like to do the big things and the splendid things for you,

To brush the gray from out your skies and leave them only blue;

I’d like to say the kindly things that I so often have heard,

and feel that I could rouse your soul the way that mine you’ve stirred.

I’d like to give you back the joy that you have given me,

yet that were wishing you a need i hope will never be;

I’d like to make you feel as rich as I,

who travel on undaunted in the darkest hours with you to lean upon.

And could I have one wish this year, this only would it be:

I’d like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me.

Ayush Shukla

Zakir Husain Delhi Colleg, Univ. Of Delhi.




Pain Of Love…

Posted: September 25, 2012 by Elements - The Writers' Club in Elements @ Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur, Partners, Writes...
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In steamy holy silences of dew
A thousands cries and tears few
It isn’t my mistake, it’s not true
The pain inside me grew and grew
Night of war ended like this
A drizzling eye and a pious kiss
Between the satin sheets most I miss
We grew apart and it’s not a bliss
It won’t be true to hide it in
You knew it all, all within
Some words left unsaid, it’s not a sin
I lost myself, so now you win
Its true what u do never goes anywhere
It’s all around it settles down in air
All your deeds all the crimes u dare
You taste defeat when u think u r a player
And it happened I got to know how my venom felt
It tastes too bitter but I guess it was dealt
What I did last night happened to me today
I guess it’s the true price of your tears that I should pay…

                                                  Abhishek Kumar

Sir Padampat Singhania University

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur


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I saw a princess,

I never saw her again.

She wore a mask, she never wanted to wear.

She wore a mask, she was never meant to wear.


We see her laughing,

But actually, she is just smiling.

We see her sad,

But she is all crying.

There were times when her world was different.

She had so much fun in all her books.

In her dictionary, she had so many words.

But today,

She wears a mask she never wanted to wear.


She likes doing crazy stuffs,

She likes running down a slope.

She likes halting in a moving crowd.

She likes posing in the darkness.

She knows nothing, but acts like she lies.

In fact, she likes living her life.


But now she lost her world,

Somewhere dark, somewhere silent.

Because today…

She wears a mask she never wanted to wear.


I am searching for this princess,

If anyone has seen.

You won’t see her dancing anymore,

Neither will she have a tear.


She wears a mask she never wanted to wear. 

Pranjal Borah


एहसास !!

Posted: September 24, 2012 by Ankur in Hindi Write-ups, Writes...

सोच की गहरी खाई में,

उम्मीद के ऊँचे पर्वत पे,

अराध्य की आराधना में,

प्रेम की उपासना में,

है कहीं एहसास तेरा !!

भोर के अरुण में,

रात्रि क सुप्त में,

पुश में माघ में,

काल के हर पल में

है कहीं एहसास तेरा !!

जड़ में चेतन में,

यथार्थ में कल्पना में,

अकिंचन की किंचित पुकार में,

समर्थ के सामर्थ्य में

है कहीं एहसास तेरा !!

गृहस्थ के गृह में,

साधू की साधना में,

मस्जिद और शिवालो में,

हैं कही एहसास तेरा !!

मात्रितत्व के वात्सल्य में,

प्रीतम के प्रीत में ,

मांझी के गीत में,

रंगों की छींट में,

है कहीं एहसास तेरा !!

भावो की सरिता में,

कवी की कविता में,

कबीर के दोहों में,

ग़ालिब की गजलो में,

है कही एहसास तेरा !!

गुरु की गरिमा में,

पाषाण की प्रतिमा में,

जीवन के जश्न में,

मृत्यु क मातम में,

हैं कहीं एहसास तेरा !!

Ravikant Singh


you MISSED me ??

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The morning was cold
you woke up
blindly, unaware, blank
slipped out of your covers
unwantedly, annoyingly
you search for the newspaper
realise its a sunday
and curse the dim sunrays
everything is regular for you
You saw some books
were fallen by the bed..

You got engrossed in
making love with news
it drained all your energy
and you crawled back
and tucked yourself
smiled to the dim rays
and felt delirious
Your coffee was’nt there
you did’nt flinch
Neither did you care
to pick up the books..

Your mind was working
in planning the day,
you had to gift your
time to some people
you did’nt know much of
neither did they
but you had to go
you mentally folded out
the creases of the shirt
you’d wear
and selected the cuffs
that’d match
You did’nt notice the
empty spaces in the closet
which earlier stopped you
from keeping your ties..

You were so restful,
composed and intangible
got up and found
sunrays still dim,
weather still cold,
room still messed,
coffee still nowhere,
no rattlings to be heard,
no scents of roses,
and no water dripped
across the floors,
then your ‘arms’ felt
a touch being strayed
Was’nt it jus the last night
YOU said
your breaths would fail
in my absence ??

Neha Ubana

ICG, Jaipur