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Void Ambitions

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Chapter One

The world is not split into good and bad people. It is split into a thousand moralities.

20th April 2016

Kuch pal Abhimanyu ki zindagi ke panno se

The sea never calms, it keeps hitting the walls of this shattered city, raging a war quite different from the ones it has faced in the name of trials and tribulations. Still, even after all these years as I look behind me at the narrow winding city of Hazaaribad, it is just as I remember it from my childhood – eerie and grim and yet very charming, being constantly shaped and molded by it’s evils and those struggling against it. The crime rates are rising yes, but unlike the rest of the world it hasn’t fallen into the abyss of immorality. Not yet that is. This city deserves a better order. This city deserves me. My Social vision is tearing through this country, and there isn’t much time before it knocks the doors of Hazaaribad. I have returned, I am the prodigal son. I will raise this city as my own, it was my father’s, and now it is mine. It is mine to nurture, it is mine to develop, into the center of this vast vast world. It will be my Babylon, it will be my Rome. Delhi will burn and Hazaaribad will take it’s place, and with it I will restore this country to it’s social balance. I will … in time I will.

‘Are you ready to leave sir? The winds are growing stronger by the minute.’ Said the lawyer, Mr. Singh Affably, staring uphill at Major Abhimanyu Senapati, where he stood on the boundary of the cement wall which protected the city from the sea which lashed on it.
Major Abhimanyu Senapati’s partitioned hair as calm as they always were, billowed in the salty wind, his eyes wild and unwavering, his wind beaten face making him look older but only a man of thirty five was he. ‘Oh yes, there’s a storm coming.’ he mumbled absentmindedly. 
‘Dare I ask what is troubling you sir?’ asked Mr Singh hesitantly.
Abhimanyu Senapati’s eyes did not shift course but his cold dreary lips parted in a grim panache.
‘This city Mr Singh. I cannot take my mind of it. It has been years since I’ve come here … beauty … such beauty.’
‘Your revolution has begun sir … are you still more worried about this waste of a city than the rest of the country ?.’ he asked scathingly.
‘Of course … I will drench Hindustan in the glory it deserves, but Hazaaribad will rise as it’s symbol, as it’s core, no matter how dearly we may have to sacrifice’ He replied smoothly, not a crack in his voice. There was no pity involved in what he ever said or did, there was only a vision. ‘Let us leave then Mr Singh, the wind indeed grows stronger.’ He said sagely, the sound of the waves fading as they retreated their steps downhill.

‘Sir, Peter Dsouza called earlier today. He said he’s been posted to Nav Hazaaribad and will be shifting in a month or two with his daughter Saira and son Abhiyankar’ Said Mr Singh, in the back of Abhimanyu Senapati’s black ambassador as the driver journeyed them downwards into Nav Hazaaribad towards the Army Mess.
‘Hmm …’ grunted Abhimanyu, crinkling his skin and getting lost in his own unhinged thoughts. ‘Tell him I will meet him only when I desire. We parted ways ten years ago. I still haven’t forgiven the path he took.’ 
‘Very well sir … as you wish … By the way, since you are now back in the town, Mr Abraham would like to discuss a rising problem at Agni.’

27th April 2016

‘Ethics are as important a part of our life as sleeping, eating or for that matter breathing. Without beliefs, we do not exist. Such are the foundations of Agni school of science, that it has prevailed and sustained it’s prime stature in all these 39 years, and it has been possible for in all the tests of times, we have stood by our beliefs. To insult such a culture is an act of abhorrence and shall be treated without tolerance, and my dear students, to punish such people, I have gathered you here on the eve of the beginning of your summer holidays. In this bright week, we have welcomed back Major Abhimanyu Senapati, a premier well wisher of the school … One who lived by the legacy of his father to help this school revive in difficult times … and I am relieved to announce that his return has also been marked by our capture of these students who are most popularly recognized as … ‘
What Principal Abraham went on to say left the crowd of students gathered in the assembly ground astonished. All, but one man paid attention to it. Standing last in the class tenth line, under the glaze of the orange sun, it was Gulshan Pandit. He had known what had happened before Abraham had said it, but he did not understand how. His tall and usually suave and indifferent persona was shivering, not in fear, he had never feared, it was possible that they would get to him, but he couldn’t care less. No, he was shivering in anguish; for the snitch – whoever it was, the staff and the headmaster had taken from him something that had been in his reach. The rebels had said they would help … they had … but now their own fate was unknown. It was nothing serious, at the most they would be suspended for a few days or barred from any social interaction, but either way they would lose all their power and control over the mere mortals at Agni.

‘Monkey Business!’ Cackled headmaster Abraham nervously. ‘That is exactly the phrase to which I would subject these acts of a supposed rebellion!’ 
The headmaster’s tiny eyes swept the boy and girl standing on stage, as he dabbed his handkerchief all over his sweaty bald head. The gray eyed boy with short hair slumped dejectedly, his head bowed as low as it could go, and the short girl standing beside him looked dreamy, smiling as her hair whipped in the wind.
Perhaps Gulshan could take content refuge in the fact, that was brought to his notice by Dev. That there was coming a boy who could help him. That psycho called Abhiyankar .
‘ … I hereby Expel these students in the hope that our other senior and for that matter junior pupils understand the importance of discipline.’ completed the headmaster succinctly, his flab sticking out on both the sides of the podium, his left hand pointing towards the students on stage.

There was an uproar of protest. Students of all ages were shouting in discontentment. Agni had never experienced the expulsion of a pupil, let alone unsung heroes of a student appreciated rebel group. The shock was beyond Gulshan, but all he let on was a satiric smile. A warning to degrade every student’s disciplinary grade was all it took to send the silence of the enraged students into dreary despair. 

28th April 2016

The darkness of the night was pierced by a light that was flicked on in the staff quarters at Agni. It was 1:00 am in the dead of the night, but kavi Saahab’s eyes did not falter nor blink. He tried on his slippers, and went outside in the balcony, pouring himself a drink as he gazed into the starless view. The free sky was murkier than he had imagined. 

Ab Kuch pal kavi Saahab ki zindagi ke panno so

How had it all come to this? We had always dreamt of a better future, but it had never come. One can conclude that a Utopian vision is a lie, for no matter with how much power a society is equipped, evil manages to find a way to completely demolish an optimist and stick the loss in his face. We never reciprocate the act, or to rephrase, we can’t. Evil does not have a face, it does not have a torso, evil is not a mere mortal. Evil is an idea, evil is a thought. It can be fought, but never entirely defeated, for it crops up in the minds of people who are weak enough not to realize when they lapse into demented ideals instigated by meagerly important motivations. These men do not believe they are wrong, for them the world is. Right and wrong. When I sit in my dark room for long stretches of time, I conclude there is no such thing. The only reason I act in certain ways is because I stand up for my beliefs. 

I am a complex man, and so is Abhimanyu Senapati. No one understands him, but to a certain extent I do. People would call me insane if I tell them what I think Abhimanyu can do. It is probably because no one knows much about him or because they choose to turn a blind eye towards the sparks of darkness in him. They will be reckoning the truth when the time comes. Right now, to stop him, there is nothing much I can do. The only advantage of being an ordinary teacher, is that you can shape the tiniest part of the future. For this circumstance I stand and think about the events of today. Principal Abraham could not have just walked in on the rebels while enjoying a post lunch stroll, he knew they were going to be there, and even someone like Dev, if he was in my position, could guess that it had something to do with the arrival of Abhimanyu only a week ago. How he purged through this thick layer of trust that existed between the rebels and those who knew about them is still a my stery to me, though I have a shrewd guess. It was a student who turned them in, no staff for I was the only teacher who could have ever known who these people were.

I believe it was Gulshan Pandit. The evidence is overwhelming. A boy no more than six months old in the school will soon be promoted as the assistant editor for the school tabloid. He had been writing against the rebels ever since he joined the media club that took place on Saturdays, but jimmy had me convinced that he was doing this, so as to only rise it’s ranks. It is a little too conspicuous, seeing that it happens only 6 months after he arrives, for betrayers could’ve acted well in the last 5 years. There is nothing I can do to prove that it was him, and who would charge him anyway, as I said, for me this is wrong, for the authorities, there is nothing more right. I am not a man of vengeance, nor I should be. I only feel for my students, who must now be socially mocked. I fear Agni is going to get darker in Abhimanyu’s shadow … unless … unless what I overheard Dev telling Gulshan a few days ago is true … that someone’s coming &h ellip; this boy called Abhiyankar who can change things as they stand, drastically. But no, not even he can completely eradicate the wrong in this rotting school and by extension this rotting city. He is a mere pawn in this battle. For Evil is persistent. Evil is determined. And if evil is Abhimanyu, evil is eternal.

7th July 2016

Click. Click. Click. From the lighter emerged a fire, gentle in it’s flow, lighting the shadowy bathroom. Fifteen year old Abhiyankar Dsouza tilted his head menacingly as small droplets of water trickled down his slanted face, hitting the metallic sink mechanically, violating the unusual silence of that gray and empty bathroom. He lifted his face and looked straight into his own eyes, deep and dark, screaming for help from it’s depths. The circles under his eyes had gone purple, his hardened hair sticking ruffly out of the ordinary. He moved a step closer to the mirror, pushing a sandy cigarette down his lips, drizzling it in the sparks of fire , leaving nothing but vile smoke encompassing his rugged mouth. 

Kuch pal Abhiyankar ki zindagi ke panno se

A peaceful breath and I felt depression flowing out of my mouth and mind . My veins pumped as I flexed my hands. My throat burned as I drew in another puff. I pain myself in different ways, mentally and physically. What else can a frustrated boy do when he doesn’t know what he must exactly do in life. I do not know what god or this universe intends me to do, What the society expects me to be, or what my family thinks I must become in order to satisfy their pride or repay the care with which they have raised me. If only they gave me a clear answer. Was it so difficult to stretch out a hand to a little boy struggling on the crossroads of life? With one hand I hold a smoke, with the other I scratch my hardened hair. I only understand these people as much as I understand myself – We are all men of vague ambitions. 

From what I have understood by listening to different people with different ideals is that God probably wants me to be a kind man, society wants me to fit in, and my family wants a reputation worth mentioning. Now, we all come in with a purpose, but what it is, is the question I must figure throughout life. Should I try to find myself, or do what these people think is according to them right? I don’t know. I just want to be happy. I don’t know how, but I want to. People tell me I’m just a little boy, and I don’t understand the practicality of life, but I concur with John Lennon – they don’t understand life. They ruin it in worthless ambitions. I would rather waste myself if that is what I want, than do something honorable just because others want me to. I don’t want to make others happy, I want myself to be. When things concern my happiness, I will not be kind, I will not fit in, and my reputation can go fuck itself. 

All of this was not a sudden explosion of thoughts. It had been building up inside me all these years … it all came to a certain point at a certain time, at a certain place when they told me I was leaving Gandhinagar for good … leaving all this mental abuse by people who tell me that my words and ambitions are worth nothing, and that I shall be outcast-ed for being a part of such mockery … For being different than them, for not wanting to be like them … I feel a sense of liberation by the thought of Hazaaribad … a new home, new people and new hope … and I believe for the first time in years, I laugh … a laugh sheerly unconstrained and maniacal and happy … my first step to an emotion, which I would never fully attain.

Abhiyankar struggled to slide himself into the old off white Maruti 800, with a plethora of bags and his family already stuffed into it. The winds blew wild, twisting into the grey sky, and the heavy rain crisply rapped the foggy window pane through which Abhiyankar was peering outside. His father pushed in the key, and the ignition led to a wisp of smoke which dissolved in the rain as soon as it had appeared. It was seven in the morning, and Hazaaribad was twelve hours away. For the three members of the Dsouza family, a new journey had begun.

Monal Thaakar

Kendriya vidyalaya

TOPIC: What I learnt in those 5 min


Why does it occur?

What happens when we are attracted to someone?

Often we say that we are attracted to somebody even when we have never interacted with that person. We say there is an attraction or infatuation that exists between us. And the reason you give is that you like some of the qualities or the person’s attitude. If you must have noticed that there is a particular feature of the person that we are attracted to like eyes, smile, face, body language, physique and that is because of  how they express. Such as you may like a person’s eyes because of it tells you about his passion, truthfulness, sincerity or may be fidelity, modesty and much more. May be his smile dazzles you because it soothes you, it makes you happy or it charms you because of the innocence it has. His physique shows he is strong, brave or her’s shows her delicateness, naïvety and that is what attracts you. His body language shows he is confident and respects himself and others, her’s shows her grace and charm.

Simple science behind this is ‘vibes’. The vibes of his ‘charm’ (the character that attracts you) matches with your vibes of search. I would simply explain this as you are searching for your counterpart and there are certain basic traits which you wish for; when you find some of them in somebody you get attracted.

Now why doesn’t he or she get attracted to you? There are also two logical reasons for that: first, maybe the person’s vibes are different for you and second the strength of your vibes is not as strong as his or her’s for somebody else. This major fact leads to love triangles or cycles. I know it is not so easy to grasp the above mentioned ‘vibes’ view. So I quote my example.

I like somebody or maybe let us say, I am crazy about him. And I think that is not bad too. I like his eyes because of the wildness, passion and carefree, fun-loving attitude they display. And I like his smile because of the innocence it has. Now I like him too much and over time my vibes have reached him too, so basically he knows I like him. But he doesn’t like me. Maybe because he likes someone else more strongly than I like him.

I have noticed him too much to confirm this.

He is concerned for me but what I feel for him he may never feel. I still like him and will always do no matter how much ever I bluff myself because the vibes don’t end so easily, until they get diverted.

Now what if you find someone and there is resonance?

The bells ring, violins play and you fly higher and higher. You get attracted to the person and he or she  gets attracted to you. Then the search must come to end and you are confident that the vibes are actually getting communicated and reciprocated in the same way and amount. And you are not just a means to their destiny, but YOU are their destiny. And that is when the cupid strikes, love happens, in the simplest sense. This union of soul-mates that leads to ecstasy and satisfaction.

Vasundha Nahar
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: Relationships? Are they about emotions or compatibility?

Bitch got real =)

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I don’t watch too many movies, but when I do, the after-effects lingers on me for days.

My life is segmented into many small moods, many small locations, and many small but incredibly varied lifestyles. I have lived many places now, made many friends and gathered a good lot of people whom I eventually don’t get along well with. This part of my life is called change – a crave for variety and a toggle in taste.

My days are sometimes filled with remorse, for being almost late at realizing so many important things, which, had I taken care of, I would have been probably better off. And then there are those moments when I realize I shouldn’t let them repeat again, I jot down amazing things I want to achieve and draw more and more career maps. Only to wake up late next day, and decide it was a bad start and procrastinate. This part of my life is called being stupid.

There are sudden moments when I wish I had better parents. Or friends. Moments where I feel everything is suddenly so wrong. Just because something didn’t work out the way it should have. Times when I’ve felt I’m at the wrong place, doing the wrong set of things with the wrong people. When I feel some other Mr. X was doing way better in life by doing stuff I’m passionate about. This part of my life is called stress – I am not great at handling it, but I am working on that.

Have you also had those moments? When you decide you are suddenly going to improve in class and ace every test that comes your way. Decide that you will do Integral Transforms on Monday, keep Tuesday for homework, and jump right into Discrete Math as soon as the sun hits the Wednesday sky? I have them every other day. But mine comes with a tweak. I originally plan to take it one at a time, but then I take it all together and multitask and collectively screw it all up. This part of my life is called losing focus. My mom says it’s lack of patience, but I disagree.

And then there are those moments, when I finally realize where I was going wrong. The missing link. The reason why I’d been failing, because I get to pour my heart out to a friend. Who helps me by shutting up his mouth, and listening to my woes. When I decide how I am to handle my life from now on. When I know I’ll wake up late next morning, but still finish the work I have promised myself, because I have kept a secret reward if I do so. This part of my life; this small part of my life, yeah you guessed it, is called happiness.

(Originally written as a thank you to a friend who helped me get over temporary depression!) :D

For once I ask, who are we? Trademarked ruins or a transgressed generation serving as a monolith? With neither sense, nor purpose of enlightenment, why do we meander around the walls of idiosyncrasy?

With silence we reproach from insides, never raising our voices louder than a childish whisper. Just a murmur and we suffice to the sufferings. We subject our wills to be demolished by the storms of suicidal society norms. Similar to a doomed wasp within a candle area, we annihilate ourselves. Self-destruction is what we are talking here!

Us, the would-be-achievers, the Lennon-dreamers we are called, wait! I want to rest all your misconceptions! Give or take a person, we are a mistreated and vile trash. Nothing more than a single insignificant thread in a despicable yarn of threads. We search for our degenerate paradises, deep in our carcinogenic day dreams, and believe that a pseudo world of beauties exist beyond the horizon.

Progressive are those who have bedded solitude in this lamenting wilderness of waste. Rest of us, damned! Owned! Possessed by our own lifestyle, haunted by our own misdoings! We live in a diabolical sea of misshapen dreams and gruesome scars, hiding our battered souls for the crystal perfect world would break if they (read society) know our insides.

Wake up! There are no Lennon’s and no Gandhi’s breathing amongst us. A refuse was what we were, an acceptance is what we will be. The monoliths would soon walk for humanity would not be tainted by one meaty headed generation. Dreamy cages and alternate realities are meant to be stapled. Aim for the stars, only then we will rise from the depths of shallowness and would fall on the Earth. Look beyond the horizons, beyond hells and heavens and look beyond the cauldron of truths and lies. For, what you seek is what you get!

Kalpit Tandon
Sir Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur

in collaboration with Elements, SPSU Udaipur

TOPIC: I am my own hero



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Over enraged lands,

I rode on my stallion.

Under a sky devoid of stars,

The Guardians of the forest, screeching

My name in abhor.


Painting the night sky red,

had become more than just a habit..

Possessed by the need to fill the emptiness within,

To hear the sweet lullaby of Death.

A quintessence…

The colt halted, poisoned by fear..

My bare foot creating a path deep into the nature’s womb.

A vision of the Prophecy..

A dream. A desire.

And I shuddered at her sight.

Gliding through the serene water..

Her eyes met mine, with a smile so enchanting..

An oblivious caress,

A Death.

Under the bloodstained moonlight,

I kissed her cold fatal lips..

Embracing the welcoming darkness.,

A glimpse of The Devil in her eyes,

As my shadow finally left me,

His Faithful finally set free.

Kaustubh Kashyup

Sir Padampat Singhania University



What’s in a name?

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Stranger: “what’s in a name?”
Me: “excuse me”
“A great man once said, what’s in a name?”
“yeah, Shakespeare.”
“Yeah, that guy. But how does that matter. Great words, I must say.”
“Indeed, but well don’t you wonder how people know it was he who said those words?”
“He probably wrote his name or signed underneath it.”
“So it implies, he wrote these words with his mind. Had he written them with their heart, he would have actually believed in them and wouldn’t have given a rat’s ass for writing his name there.”
“So you think Shakespeare did all this for fame?”
“Not at all sir, all I think is that, someone wanted to give world this message, but no one would listen, so he wrote Shakespeare under it. You know, how we are attracted to brand names. You would agree with me on that. In the world of literature, Shakespeare was quiet a brand name. There is nothing wrong in being famous I guess. If you are worth, and if you deserve it, well then go right ahead, enjoy it. But you cant enforce yourself upon someone right? I don’t think its about enforcing yourself upon someone as it is being accepted by that someone. 
I spent my whole life, or how much so ever I have lived so far, hoping there is lots of it left. Anyways, as I was saying I spent most of my life trying to fit in and be accepted by people. Why is it so important? The old adage goes that the people who are genuine in this world are the ones that accept you no matter what your ‘flaws’ or personality quirks are. So apparently they should be the ones that matter. They why? Why do I, or for a matter of fact, most of the people around try to be accepted by people who won’t accept them!?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that they are scared of being forgotten. The number of blog hits and the status update likes determine the level of acceptance for them. I think the fear is deeply rooted. Our ancestors, the older, long gone ones, whenever committed a crime or did something wrong or did not live up to the expectations (today: standards) of their group, they became an outcast, and died. Alone. 

It is the pressure to become known in these over-crowded times that humility and ‘what’s in a name’ phrases have lost their charm, my friend. You know, from where I come, there are over a billion people. It not easy to be an individual in a crowd of a billion people. Hell, it is even tough being a zero in that billion digits itself. Think about it. A BILLION Freaking people. Putting in some math, even if you were a one-in-a-million kind of a guy, there would still be thousands just like you. You forget humility in such times, right? 

But, then it is true. World has been changed by the people who dint care about acceptance or humility. They went out there and did there world. They gained or lost humility after they achieved what they were supposed is of no concern to us. We often confuse humbleness with being inferior. Humility to me is the understanding of suffering. Thomas Merton once mentioned, ‘In humility is the greatest freedom. As long as you have to defend the imaginary self that you think is important, you lose you piece of heart. As soon as you compare that shadow with the shadows of other people, you lose all joy, because you have begun to trade in unrealistic and there is no joy in things that do not exist.’ 

Whenever you feel like a genius, remember there was a time when you were trying to learn how to not shit in your pants. 
We come nearest to being great when we become humble. And when we become aware about our humility, we have lost it.”

“wow, that’s a lot of words. Great words. But yeah, a lot of words.”
“Yeah, someone called Nilay wrote them.”
“Why would I care?”
“He would sure hope you did. He hasn’t learned all the life lessons I guess. So, he is still averse to humility.”
“Whatever. And what’s your name?”
“Doesn’t matter.”
“And why is that?”
“What’s in a name? Ciao.”

Nilay Parikh

VIT University

TOPIC: What I learnt in those 5 min

Shades of Z

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The sun shined faintly on the ghostly aura of Mumbai as Zenith khan shadowed his vision through the dark sunglasses he wore. He smirked a little obviously as Ludo Prasad slid through the door that separated Zenith’s jewel studded balcony and his penthouse in Juhu, to give him the news that would change the history of the Mumbai Mafia of the 2020’s.

‘Wasiq publicly castrated Romerio’s men at the ‘chauraha’ in Ville parle. Mennon has declared war on him.’
This was it then. After 7 years of careful planning, Wasiq and Romerio had turned hell bent on ruining it for power.

Zenith looked up in the sky and laughed at the news of his crumbling empire. As much as such a reaction scared the shit out of Ludo, he knew that like always, Zenith had a solution up his sleeve. ‘What is to be done now?’ he asked calmly.

‘Wasiq is the man i need. Send Gandu Acharya to the Ghatkopar office. They’ll find him there. Romerio Mennon. He’s dispensible. Let them have him.’ 

‘But it was Wasiq’s fault-

Zenith raised a finger that silenced Ludo, as he went on to defend his cold bloodedness, without a flinch. ‘ You act like i give a fuck. Romerio taught me how to use a gun. But the chap has gone Senile. Wasiq doesn’t bat a lash when he stabs. Who would you pick? The Z mafia has fallen in conflict as you must have deduced, we need to be as strong as we can be when we rise.’

‘So you’re going to turn over your mentor to that gandu -that blood thirsty son of a bitch.’ canvassed a baffled Ludo

‘For a better future.’ Said Zenith darkly. There was no pity in his voice, in fact there was no emotion in what he ever said or did, there was only a vision. ‘Get me Bourbon Desai.’ He motioned a hand towards Ludo, turning towards an open view, as Ludo dissapeared confused by the raspy morality that Zenith’s body had now come to inherit.

Monal Thaakar

Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1




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I was sitting there all alone,
Thinking ’bout how much life sucks.
Nothing could cheer me up,
Not even a million bucks.

Suddenly, out of nowhere,
He came and sat next to me.
Quickly, i tried to wipe my tears away,
Hoping that was something he wouldn’t see.

Then quiet as a whisper he said my name,
I turned slowly to look at him.
Our eyes met and he held my gaze for the longest time,
Everything around at that moment just seemed to dim.

Something indescribable passed between us,
Something different, something special.
Looking in his eyes i knew he felt it too,
The moment was too good to be real.

I wanted to look away,
From his dark, mesmerizing eyes.
But never had i seen a sight so beautiful,
That it made me sigh.

And then slowly, without breaking the gaze,
He put his finger under my chin.
Slowly lifting my face,
So much more closer to his.

My breathing became fast,
My heartbeat faster.
As his lips touched my cheek,
With the lightest pressure.

His lips passed from my cheek,
Wiping away a tear.
And the hesitantly,
Towards the base of my ear.

He whispered my name for the second time,
I replied back ‘yes’
‘I have waited too long’ ,
‘I have to do this now’ he said.

He pulled back his face by half an inch,
I didn’t know what to expect.
But then he lowered his face closer to mine,
And at that second our lips met.

The kiss was brief but sweet,
It lasted only a second.
But it was more than enough for me,
More than i had expected.

Surprised i was, but happy too,
Carefully i opened my eyes.
To see him stare at me,
But with a warm smile.

I was still looking in his eyes,
They portrayed such Strong emotions.
But suddenly, it all changed,
Now his eyes were full of determination.

‘I love you’, was all he said,
‘I love you’, he said once more.
It was strange how those three little words,
Made my heart soar.

‘I love you too’ I said in a broken voice,
Realizing I was crying again.
But this time is was tears of joy,
I had admitted my true feelings.

He took my face in his hands,
Softly wiping my tears away.
Pulling me closer once more,
And kissing me before i could pull away.

This kiss was so much more intense,
As his lips crushed against mine.
In a strange, forceful way,
Like we only had so much time.

His hands snaked around my waist,
Pulling our bodies closer and tighter.
My hands moved subconsciously around his neck,
And he pulled me off the ground as if I was so much more lighter.

It lasted really long,
Long enough to make my head spin.
When he pulled back I saw,
He was wearing on his face a huge grin.

So this is how it happened,
How i fell in love with him.
So its not just in books and movies,
That happy endings are possible.

Kanupriya Dasgupta

Hillwoods School


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What matters most is the discovery of oneself. Relying on two many options can be hazardous for someone’s dreams. No matter how wonderful the dreams maybe, but the journey to those dreams are always full of rocks which can sue blood off one’s feet.

Philosophically speaking, this blood leads to fruitful results. But what if one starts enjoying the journey to his dreams. No matter how difficult the path is but the condition should be that one is happily moving on his road. 

If one gets to know that this is me, then no force in this entire universe can stop one from achieving his dreams.

I personally realized it late, but when i realized that, i understood that my life has become beautiful. I now don’t give a damn about my dreams because i know they are going to be fullfilled. So why to overshadow one’s smile. Let us then enjoy the path. 

Like i always say now, “it’s never about the destination, it is always about the journey!” 🙂

Ayush Shukla

Zakir Husain Delhi College, Univ. Of Delhi.

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Want to go in deep calm sleep
Things are different there so I need not to weep
No any worries no any fear 
As life flows there as I steer
I speak with him only in dreams
That’s the reason I want to sleep
I get the things which I wish
Problems have solutions in my sleep
No any trouble, feel so big
If any nightmare , I can wake up from the dream…

Ashwini Deshpande

SGGSIE&T, Nanded

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