Classifications of a Teenage Misanthrope

Posted: October 2, 2012 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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There are idiots who buy 
Alcohol to get high 
But still it beats me 
Why they can’t see 
That they will eventually die. 

There are rich, spoilt kids 
Who get into angry fits 
When they don’t get the cash 
For their expensive stash 
Then smash their things to bits. 

Arrogance is always there 
There are “celebrities” with no time to spare 
For those with lower status 
For those who are not so famous 
Heck, they don’t even care. 

Then there the geeks and nerds 
Who confuse us with long words 
Computers they’ll stick to 
Big books they’ll read through 
They’re the least sociable of the herd. 

Also there are dorks who keep bunking 
In their exams they end up flunking 
Pretending to be drugged rebels 
Wasted on their way to hell 
Their brains they intend on junking. 

Then there are teens who are all depressed 
Coz of the feeling they’ve all suppressed 
And suddenly they’ll fly into a rage 
Spill out the anger that they’ve caged 
Spill out the feeling they didn’t express. 

Teens have their hearts broken 
Coz of the love left unspoken 
Because they’re too shy 
But don’t ask me why 
They like to leave their hearts chokin’

I am the odd one out 
Always confused, always in doubt 
Never fits in even though I try 
Then i just go home and cry 
Coz i’m never “in” with the crowd.

Anjana Suresh

TOPIC: It will heal in time; Maybe


  1. Anupam says:

    Thats realty of life…

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