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I hv no beginning, neither an end…
I just change state…I am God-sent!
Falling from great heights,
I pass alongside flights.
Here comes the night…
And I just miss a kite!
Along my path, as I descend…
I’m attacked by poisons that factories vent.
I consider myself lucky…
cos I’ve fallen on a tree…
they r very rare to find in this huge city!
The leaves seem happy to recieve me
And all my friends who accompanied me.
I roll over a leaf to fall on an umbrella
And to those still on the tree, I say “Cya fellas’!”
I slide down the umbrella & along the road…
where a puddle is shouting “Welcome Aboard!”
I meet new frndz, who soon become my buddies…
We are all the same, brown nd muddy!
I am kicked out by a playful kid…
I enter a new colony, thnx to what he did!
Making new friends has become a habit…
until one day, I end up in a pit.
Its dark down here…I’m really scared,
This is something fr which i ws never prepared…
But then i see the Sun over me…
I evaporate to begin an upward journey.
I will once again fall through a new adventure!
Unlike human beings, I’m looking forward to the future.
I am God-sent, I am so lucky…
U guessed it right…a raindrop, thats me!!

Btw……..the mumbai rains inspired me to write this poem…….i luv them!!

Aamir Meyaji

K J Somaiya College of Engineering


TOPIC: What I learnt in those 5 min

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