That’s The Way It Is

Posted: October 2, 2012 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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It’s just another day, the sky as blue as it always is, and the clouds as pearly and shiny as ever. Not my kind of day, though.

I’ve always loved the rains- the slate grey sky and the blackish aura around, well, everything. The world, in a whisper, darkens itself, and I find that a glorious thing.

They call me a depressed soul, but I am not. Maybe a little, but definitely not a lot. Killing people makes you a far worse person than looking out the window, immersing yourself in rain-soaked cheer. If it doesn’t, then yes, sue me. But I doubt I’d care. 

They always called me a serious child, when I was young, in all my chubby-cheeked charms, they liked it, said I was ‘so adorable!’ But it unnerves them today, the same people, when I look at them with the same intensity. At least that’s what they say it is. Intensity. In bold.

‘Stop looking at me!’ they say and laugh uncomfortably. 

‘It’s like you strip me down of all my dignity, and I’m that small kid by the lake and everybody’s laughing and it’s horrible. Horrible!’ a disturbed relative once burst out, clearly referring to something deeper.
But my reasoning is- if you’ve nothing to hide, why be afraid? I can’t control the way I see things. And I’m not as judgmental as I seem to appear. 

All I’ve ever wanted is to make sense of what I’m doing here. I look out, not with an intention to shame, but with one to learn. A beseeching gaze, turned up to the sky most of the time to see if this time, my questions will be answered. A psych would say the grey reminds me of the silks my mother used to wear, back when she was alive and the world was a better place. The raindrops like the glinting bracelets she had on. Maybe the psych is right.

All i hope for is for the sun to bow down, let the clouds come, let me bathe in my wonderment again. Waiting is a kind of delight too, they say. A bittersweet one, very bitter, but a little sweet as well.

Mitz Iyer

TOPIC: It will heal with time; Maybe

  1. shreya says:

    most lyked poem till now…
    toooo stupendous
    keep writing
    u have the skill….
    will be waiting for ur next poem..

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