A crush, are u??

Posted: October 7, 2012 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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I know we don’t really hit it off.. nor are we compatible…
I have been in love with some one for who i doesn’t exist..
I have never took a step towards u … nor have i ever said a word of praise to u..

I love myself and my family enough to let anyone else in…
I make friends and trust them like i know them from eternity..
But trusting u.. i don’t find it as easy..

I look at u and find that sweet innocence.. that lovely smile of a kid!
I fall in love with the moment in which i see u.. i dunno if it happens..
But i assume or may be imagine that u do things for me…

When u try to make me smile without my permission… 
When u try to impress me… when u look me in the eye..
My heart pounds.. like i’m gonna die..

When u shower your attention on the bimbos: i sooo know y..
That i laugh it off.. when u talk to the simple girl, try HARD to impress her..
Then i get furious! i know i dnt even know u enough for a friend! but..

I feel a connection… which i dunno is wat from ur side.. 
But however foolish it sounds i dnt know y i feel for u..
But again i can’t take the chance of trusting u.. & hurting myself again.

Thus, i say i need time.. to make myself a lil more open … a lil more light 
And then may be if someday u come my way i could say:hey!
Mind going out for on a date?? but until then… would u wait??

Sandipta Padhee

HNLU, Raipur



TOPIC: Relationships? Are they about emotions or compatibility?

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