Heart of stone… an ode to the lost feelings…

Posted: October 7, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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As I walk through the lonely woods,
I find a road with totally uncovered,
Undiscovered, silent..with no noisy chirps,
With no breeze of air,
With no rustle of leaves,
The road seems to have slept for years,
As it draws me near, 
My curiosity overcomes my fear.
As I move towards it,
A strong thunder raises its voice,
Stop there,don’t come near is a dark noise I hear,
I see a piece of stone,
Lying on the road, covered by dust
The stone warns me to step back,
Even then my feet draws me near,
And I ask it “O tiny piece of stone,what’s your fear”?
The stone starts saying in a painful voice,
“O dear traveler,don’t come here
The place isn’t right for you”
It pauses for a moment,then it tells its tale
“ I had feelings inside me
I was a heart,a heart with rainbow of feelings
I was scented,I was blissed ,
Happy with my life,
I was eternally blessed.
I had love,love for every one
No one to hate,nothing to regret
Then a day came,
A holy angel’s heart came in my life
Her love and trust made me even more blessed
The moments we spent together,
Were no less beautiful
We beated together, for each other
In the same synchronous way.
Sudddenly she lost her trust in me
I was shocked, as she stopped beating for me
I cried for her,I tried to justify myself
I wanted to prove it to her
That I was not wrong my dear
But it was in vain,as she didn’t give me an ear
She started trusting others,and I cried all the way
I cried till the the sun turned red
For days and nights,I cried and cried.
Then my tears started drying away.
Then I remember the last thing that happened
My feelings started to die..
I stopped beating,I stopped breathing
Now I have turned into a dry stone,
With no room for anything,no feelings for anyone,
I have stopped thinking, I have halted my pace”
I have stopped running in life’s race,
I warn you to stay away,so that you might not become the same as me”
Then,I smile at the stone and say to it..
“You and me are in the same trap
Uniting with you, I wont regret”
Then I wake up from my dream,
I look at my mirror and this is what I see,
A stone is in there as my reflection..
And yes.. I have changed myself
I have turned into a stone…

Shobhit Gupta

VIT University, Vellore

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