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I was sitting there all alone,
Thinking ’bout how much life sucks.
Nothing could cheer me up,
Not even a million bucks.

Suddenly, out of nowhere,
He came and sat next to me.
Quickly, i tried to wipe my tears away,
Hoping that was something he wouldn’t see.

Then quiet as a whisper he said my name,
I turned slowly to look at him.
Our eyes met and he held my gaze for the longest time,
Everything around at that moment just seemed to dim.

Something indescribable passed between us,
Something different, something special.
Looking in his eyes i knew he felt it too,
The moment was too good to be real.

I wanted to look away,
From his dark, mesmerizing eyes.
But never had i seen a sight so beautiful,
That it made me sigh.

And then slowly, without breaking the gaze,
He put his finger under my chin.
Slowly lifting my face,
So much more closer to his.

My breathing became fast,
My heartbeat faster.
As his lips touched my cheek,
With the lightest pressure.

His lips passed from my cheek,
Wiping away a tear.
And the hesitantly,
Towards the base of my ear.

He whispered my name for the second time,
I replied back ‘yes’
‘I have waited too long’ ,
‘I have to do this now’ he said.

He pulled back his face by half an inch,
I didn’t know what to expect.
But then he lowered his face closer to mine,
And at that second our lips met.

The kiss was brief but sweet,
It lasted only a second.
But it was more than enough for me,
More than i had expected.

Surprised i was, but happy too,
Carefully i opened my eyes.
To see him stare at me,
But with a warm smile.

I was still looking in his eyes,
They portrayed such Strong emotions.
But suddenly, it all changed,
Now his eyes were full of determination.

‘I love you’, was all he said,
‘I love you’, he said once more.
It was strange how those three little words,
Made my heart soar.

‘I love you too’ I said in a broken voice,
Realizing I was crying again.
But this time is was tears of joy,
I had admitted my true feelings.

He took my face in his hands,
Softly wiping my tears away.
Pulling me closer once more,
And kissing me before i could pull away.

This kiss was so much more intense,
As his lips crushed against mine.
In a strange, forceful way,
Like we only had so much time.

His hands snaked around my waist,
Pulling our bodies closer and tighter.
My hands moved subconsciously around his neck,
And he pulled me off the ground as if I was so much more lighter.

It lasted really long,
Long enough to make my head spin.
When he pulled back I saw,
He was wearing on his face a huge grin.

So this is how it happened,
How i fell in love with him.
So its not just in books and movies,
That happy endings are possible.

Kanupriya Dasgupta

Hillwoods School

  1. Gaurav says:

    good 1 🙂

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