Shades of Z

Posted: October 28, 2012 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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The sun shined faintly on the ghostly aura of Mumbai as Zenith khan shadowed his vision through the dark sunglasses he wore. He smirked a little obviously as Ludo Prasad slid through the door that separated Zenith’s jewel studded balcony and his penthouse in Juhu, to give him the news that would change the history of the Mumbai Mafia of the 2020’s.

‘Wasiq publicly castrated Romerio’s men at the ‘chauraha’ in Ville parle. Mennon has declared war on him.’
This was it then. After 7 years of careful planning, Wasiq and Romerio had turned hell bent on ruining it for power.

Zenith looked up in the sky and laughed at the news of his crumbling empire. As much as such a reaction scared the shit out of Ludo, he knew that like always, Zenith had a solution up his sleeve. ‘What is to be done now?’ he asked calmly.

‘Wasiq is the man i need. Send Gandu Acharya to the Ghatkopar office. They’ll find him there. Romerio Mennon. He’s dispensible. Let them have him.’ 

‘But it was Wasiq’s fault-

Zenith raised a finger that silenced Ludo, as he went on to defend his cold bloodedness, without a flinch. ‘ You act like i give a fuck. Romerio taught me how to use a gun. But the chap has gone Senile. Wasiq doesn’t bat a lash when he stabs. Who would you pick? The Z mafia has fallen in conflict as you must have deduced, we need to be as strong as we can be when we rise.’

‘So you’re going to turn over your mentor to that gandu -that blood thirsty son of a bitch.’ canvassed a baffled Ludo

‘For a better future.’ Said Zenith darkly. There was no pity in his voice, in fact there was no emotion in what he ever said or did, there was only a vision. ‘Get me Bourbon Desai.’ He motioned a hand towards Ludo, turning towards an open view, as Ludo dissapeared confused by the raspy morality that Zenith’s body had now come to inherit.

Monal Thaakar

Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1



  1. karanrai53 says:

    awesome !! 🙂

  2. sachin says:

    well done Mr Monal…. continue your good piece of work… keep updTIng …. cheers

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