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Over enraged lands,

I rode on my stallion.

Under a sky devoid of stars,

The Guardians of the forest, screeching

My name in abhor.


Painting the night sky red,

had become more than just a habit..

Possessed by the need to fill the emptiness within,

To hear the sweet lullaby of Death.

A quintessence…

The colt halted, poisoned by fear..

My bare foot creating a path deep into the nature’s womb.

A vision of the Prophecy..

A dream. A desire.

And I shuddered at her sight.

Gliding through the serene water..

Her eyes met mine, with a smile so enchanting..

An oblivious caress,

A Death.

Under the bloodstained moonlight,

I kissed her cold fatal lips..

Embracing the welcoming darkness.,

A glimpse of The Devil in her eyes,

As my shadow finally left me,

His Faithful finally set free.

Kaustubh Kashyup

Sir Padampat Singhania University



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