The Bus Journey

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On a 12 km sweaty and tiring bus journey from my college to the city, all I could think about was the way our Public Transportation System has “evolved”. Evolution is just perspective. Ask a politician what he has done during his tenure, there will always be this, “The MTC/PTC has developed over the years and more and more people are finding it convenient to use it.”
This is just a statement written down by a man with literary sense to make sure the politician gives a practiced clichéd speech making sure he doesn’t understand the meaning so that he can conveniently skip answering questions put forth right at his face.
Going back on track, well I observed how poor our transportation system was. The bus to begin with was way far from maintenance and there was rust everywhere. I couldn’t get a place to sit and hence joined the queue of people who like me were standing irritably. The journey was like a lifetime. 
Observing the crowd inside, I noticed there are always 7 kinds of people who are always on board with you.

1) The super tensed conductor. It’s difficult to avoid him for he is the one who issues us a pass for the journey. In a crowded bus one can never expect the conductor to be all friendly and kind. Conductors are always short-tempered, shouting for no reason. You are likely to get into a verbal war when you don’t render proper change.
2) The daily wage worker. Tackling them is difficult especially when you don’t have a place to sit. They carry a basket full of the stuff they are trading and place it right where you are standing making you get on your nerves. If you are a veggie and a fish basket is placed near you, well brace yourself.

3) The angry lady. There is always a rebel within you. I don’t blame you but the situation. It takes guts to stand up to the “injustices”. This lady keeps us all entertained in this petulant situation by waging a dead rubber argument against the conductor or a co-passenger.

4) The drunkard. He is funny and irritating. For people at a considerable distance from him he is the joker and for the ones close by, well you have plenty reasons to slap him or yourself.

5) The okay looking girl. Well however hard you try to keep staring at her with her knowledge, it just is impossible due to above mentioned reasons. At the end of the journey you just have to walk off thinking it was just a bad day.

6) The senior citizen. You get a seat and you see one standing, you out of your guilt is forced to get up and give your seat. You have to feel okay at heart for the good deed you have done but the irritation continues to persist.

7) The youth/student. He is the one who keeps sulking and cursing that he got stuck in a painful atmosphere. He who plugs his ears to music is jobless that all he can do is day dream or be like me and observe all these. 

So every time I am travelling by bus, there is always this deja vu!

Karthik Margabandu

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

TOPIC: What I learnt in those 5 min

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