Time will heal it, the heart, maybe!

Posted: November 1, 2012 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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She was there, sitting on the edge, peeping out of the window, lost in her thoughts. Secrets surrounded her like the wind, strong enough to push people away! Suddenly, her gaze stopped at a bird struggling to get free from the chain which had tied her, helplessly!

Much like her, she realised was the bird, a mirror, reflecting her condition! Chained, due to other’s wish.  Days passed and she kept observing the bird’s struggle. Both of them apparently realised that life has numerous ups and downs, it even gives opportunities to start afresh but has only one end, which they wanted to decide for themselves. Although, with the passing time and repeated trials, in vain, mellowed down the girl and silenced the chirps of the bird! So much was trapped in the hollowness of their eyes, if only, someone could notice! Yet she hoped, someday, someone would hear what they had to say, from beneath their glassy wet walls.

The restricted flight of the bird constantly reminded her of her limited mobility and bounded expressions. Existing, they were, living, they forgot!

An eerie silence outside followed storms of thought within. The wind kept on coming and going, alternately buoying and tumbling the bird, hindering its progress after split second gain of balance.

After rigorous attempts, the bird stopped trying hard. No, she didn’t give in, just had stopped responding. Hope though, wasn’t lost, faith was still intact, one day, with the flight of the same wind, they’d finally escape their cage! The heart, didn’t fight back! It probably got too tired to even let go off something that never existed- FREEDOM!

Time will heal it, the heart, maybe!

Sakshi Upadhyaya

TOPIC: It will heal with time; Maybe

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