“A Thought”

Posted: November 8, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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What would someone be thinking just sitting by, when its hard to kill time.. an ode to return back somewhere or a thought of what lies ahead, just the nag to get to the future before today, see what it holds… because you dont want to be scared any more, dont want to lose any more.. fear is all that takes us aback..fear is what that takes us ahead, ahead of where we think we can never have the audacity to go. but you have to stand , whatever it takes you cant head back. it will hit you hard.. but these times when you have nothing to do, makes your mind wander about what you should actually do, makes you search for the purpose. purpose why you exist. why you met someone. why you lost smthing you wanted so bad, why did u have to shatter down ,, when u think you did not deserve.. but the answer awaits.. somethng that could be hurtful , can take us to light. light of our own. We keep looking for it. until we have means to exist…

Kirti Shah

National Institute of Fashion Technology

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