Posted: November 23, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Few words unspoken,
few emotions unexpressed,
few questions unanswered,
few feelings unknown and strange,
few smiles for no reason,
few heartbeat skipped when you were around,
few moments stolen because it had u in them,, 
few messages just saved as drafts,
few walks walked alone…
few stories incomplete, 
few lies told as if dey were the truth,,
few moments of attraction, 
few moments of realisation, 
few words of self explanation….
few days of despair,
few weeks of self questioning, whether the person likes you back..
few months of just letting things be as you don’t want to ruin the friendship..
few seconds of trying to keep the changed feelings hidden from the world.. ,, 
but sometimes however courage we gather it still remains unspoken..

PS: these are just few feelings what i have experienced when i liked some one but i wasn’t able to say it.. but that doesn’t imply all cannot say it…

Ananya Biswas


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