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How i want to start this story just like any other, saying once upon a tym but here goes…….One new unread msg the fone beeped, she picked it up n read it out loud “hey…” the msg said from an unknown sender. being the over enthusiast she is , she replied “who is this?”.

soon, *they* were texting…texting all the tym…texting day n nite…textin abt everything..and anything. afterall they had been friends for a long tym…just that they hadnt been in touch with eachother for the past couple of months n had a lot of catching up to do. The smile that she had thot had faded away was put back on her face n was so evident that everyone around her knew sumthng had changed. She felt like a middle school girl, having her first crush, all over again n she felt even more excited n special wen she knew the boy too felt the same for her.

*basic girl psychology: girls always very badly want the guys,who they hav a crush on to ask them out but they hav no idea if they will even say yes to him n this is the universal truth!*

One new unread msg ..his fone beeped..she confessed..she was falling for him…not slowly…but flat on her face! she had no clue that he wud also reciprocate n take wat she said seriously (not that she didnt want him to)but she had to consider the other ppl who she loved n who have loved her back all her life.

he knew everything abt her n she knew everything abt him…he knew she was his *one*n not just another girl in his life. she wasnt so sure but all she knew was that he meant a lot to her

how much she wanted to say *im the one for u* (that was the truth!) but her sanity n sensibility held her back.her consideration towards her family n their reaction wen they found out about her new found but special relationship ,held her back.

*typical indian teenage girl theory: girls cannot decide which to hold on to wen it cums to deciding between an external relationship n the ones they share with their families…cos they r not allowed to date , and of course , cos falling in love with sumone is close to a criminal offence in most indian families.*(jokes apart)

well…she was a typical indian teenage girl too..just like any of us. n now she had to pick one, of her two cheeks.

complexity was at work.

gain one , lose the other. gain the other, lose the one.

love him, obtain hate frm the others….or … dont love him, immeasureable love frm the others.

One new unread msg…his fone beeped. “i need to talk to u..its important” her msg said.

Both of them walked away from the bond they shared n which they hoped wud last long .they became the two friends they were, who werent in touch with each other a couple of months back. but this tym he stayed away frm her n the love for her ,for the sake of her happiness n as an effort to not collapse the fragile relationship she had with her family. n she stayed away frm him n his love ,for all the other ppl she loved equally in her life.

love was abandoned. their hearts, a crime scene .commitment was deserted.

One new unread message…his fone beeped..*i have always loved u n i always will n i dont think it will change.* her msg read. he replied …*i will never let it change.*

She had realised that no matter where it went n how it ended, he wud always be that middle school girl’s crush who means the world to her.

*a boy n girl relationship is always confusing, chaotic n complicated,its the fact. only tym will tell who emerged victorious in the war between raging hormones n the want to be a perfect family member, a clean slate.*

The end

Sruthi Laya

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