The Roadside Life – Bow-wowooo

Posted: November 29, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Amidst heavy noise of wheeled monsters
i opened those what i now call eyes
to get the glimpse of earth,the trees,the dust
the 2 legged creatures & the 4 legged fellow buds

suddenly,a big one of my type came & licked my face
scary!! but it felt nice
mother,i realised the highest authority of our place
i kissed her back & she went on for the next slice

5 buds we were,headed by mother
we played in dust,basked in sun, fought with each other
but the joy, was shortlived
3 of my fellow buds went missing & 1 died


the shouting thin wheels,yelling small & the roaring huge ones
hoping to catch a glimpse of those missing & the missing fun
slowly i lost my faith & the feeling went abate
mother decided to take me away,we decided to migrate

this new world was more cheerful
green cover,lesser noise & plenty of 2 legged creatures
who roamed & walked & did weird things
I had just started enjoying this purity of nature
when the fortune stung me again
& the poison,deadlier

out in search of food mother was run over by a car
i saw her body twisting & turning in pain
a string of blood coming out of her mouth
she wanted to cry but even that was in vain
finally, she closed her eyes & took the final breath.
i somehow managed to reach her body in that busy hell
only to be shooed away by the cars & human yells
that night she was taken away & put into water
i was deprived of even a heartfull view of her depleted body
i could only curse nature for this merciless slaughter
i moaned,i wept,i cried,i bawled


the cars,the bikes who destroyed my world
moving unaffected,still in action
tears in my eyes i cursed each one of them
even ran behind some out of frustration
humans who visited the place regularly
sympathized on seeing me alone
some by brushing their hands over my head,
some with biscuits & some with an affectionate tone

days passed by & the grief faded away
but that wasn’t the end of it

on a chilly winter night in desperation out of hunger
i growled over a human
only to arouse his hostility & his anger
i was thrashed & thrashed hard
the pain in the left leg knew no bounds
the chilled wind slashing it like sword
was again left crying,& later restricted to light moans
somehow i slept,cursing nature for making humans our lords
waking up i realized any feeling in the left leg had vanished
it was left as a useless,hanging part
i just hopped & crawled to break the monotony of sitting idle

until the day i met my final fate
it was probably the cold of winter peak
or probably the extinction of any wish to live


this beautifully-ugly,mercilessly-merciful & cruelly-benevolent world
that has learnt one thing above all i.e. to move on & on & on

I watch it now from ‘the skies above’…

Apurv Srivastava

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