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A winter morning

Posted: December 31, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

The cold rainy winter morning
The calm dew drops setting onto leaves 
The magnificent sun no where to be seen in the vast expanse of black clouds
The wind sweeping through the trees making them dance in a joyous melodius tone
The little kids not wanting to go to school rubbing there eyes with dissatisfaction 
When the comfort of the blanket is hard to leave 
The mug of this delicious coffee is like heaven being brought on earth
This heavenly cold rainy winter morning seems so blessed

Vini Katyal

Northshore Technologies pvt. ltd.


Posted: December 31, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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A thousand bees travelled round the world
and,brought forth the nectar
from the flowers of a million hues,
They dropped them into those twin pools
and, fashioned your eyes from honey dews;

And, a thousand witches performed the ritual
muttering exotic incantations
in all the known languages of love and sensousness,
To give them thier bewitching allure
and the occasional moist tenderness;

Such magnificience was never created
niether by human hands nor by gods,
Girl,how can you expect a man to retain sanity
when you smile through those hazel orbs;

Because a thousand men drown everyday
into those endless seas of elixir of life
experiencing a million nirvanas in one blink,
and reincranting to be enslaved as such
that they will jump again at another wink.

Aaditya Singh

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi


Posted: December 25, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Waqt nikal jaata, fir bhi baatein  reh jaati hai !
Shaam ke baad subah aani hain, is din ko bhi dhal jaana hain;

Par humesha teri yaad sataani.
Waqt moothi se fisal chuka, par hum aaj bhi wahi khadhe hain tere aane ki aas leke.
Har raasta naya sa lagne laga, har lamha maano beeta hua kal lagne laga.
Tere jaane se har pal paraya  bann gaya,
Zindagi ka lamha thoda chhota padh gaya.
Jab se jaana tumhara nahi hain saath mere saath, hone laga yoon main sabse kuch khafa-khafa
Is raah pe nikal toh padhe hain,

fir bhi naa jaane kyun lag raha hain mujhe darr ki kahi gum naa ho jao fir se main yoon…
Log khuda ki talaash mein rehte hai…
par maine to apna khuda khud hi taiy kar liya tha boht pehle hi,
lekin “us” khuda ko “mere” khuda se is tarah jalan the…
ki usne mere khuda ko mujhse door kar dia….

Preeti Manchanda

Dark NIghts

Posted: December 25, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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In the charisma of tranquility,
The murky frigid winter nights,
With the moon sheltered with the compelling mysterious haze,
Shares a chronicle of a humanity
So diverse so gigantic,
When the noble human race sleeps, 
And the felony grows to its confines,
A thunderous breathing capital appears to be lifeless,
Subsequently the inconceivable god’s conception comes into the depiction
The silvery glitters on the black expanse 
Increased by the splendor by man’s imagination
The constellations, all creativity of thoughts,
Playing inside the barely credible intellect,
From every nerve, every vein
Relieving all anxiety, vanishes all pain,
The moon so vivid,
Lightening the space around,
With the accent of winds curving into the vacant roads,
Like the clout of water over aquatic coasts,
Helps the hassles unfurnished,
And the man goes to snooze,
So as to rouse energized,
To conquer the obstacles next day,
Living blissfully, to march over his endeavor’s way…

Rishabh Barmecha

VIT University, Vellore

The girl I knew…

Posted: December 24, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

There is a girl I know and this is what is left of what I know about her…
She fears her past
She fears her present
She fears her future
She fears new acquaintances
She fears her own emotions
She fears love
She fears loss
She fears tears
She fears a broken heart
She fears broken trusts
She fears disappointment
She fears contentment
She fears her desires
She fears life
And mostly she fears the teen inside her.
People still think I know her inside out but the truth is I know nothing of her goals or her wants for the future.I knw only her fears, she thinks about everyday all the time.the memories concerning her are fading like the shadow when the sun is coming up.
She fears her fears.
She is me.
The girl I knew.

Sruthi Laya

Aat Media College


Posted: December 24, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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Today, I woke up early,
The intense beams of dazzling sun from my room’s cavities,
Revive upon me liveliness so celestial,
Live melody of the nightingales,
And the sweeter christen from my mom,
Snatching my bedspread from me, in my span
The heroic accent of my dad,
“Wake up and come over here”, he said
I stood up before him with my wits inactive
“Today is a holiday, let me snooze “
But he didn’t listen to any of my howl
At last he won as accustomed
Dad asked me for a dawn march,
In the frosty withstand, my heart traumatized,
But in the recreational area, splendor of environment was so unadulterated,
I love on every occasion I stopover there, from my eternal soul.

Rishabh Barmecha

VIT University, Vellore

Looking good or good looking?

Posted: December 23, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Oh no, I don’t love myself! Umm…yes, I do but not too obsessed with the idea of “I, me & myself”. You know what everyone of us somehow seems to be in love with the idea of “In love with myself”. These days now, even those tiny tots want to look their bests wherever they go whether to their friends’ birthday parties, family outings, schools, etc. In fact, the best-est of all is  those so-called “fat-Indian-weddings” (where on one side ladies are busy in showcasing their expensive saris/outfits and jewelleries to their friends, on the other side kiddies are all very well dressed-up to the level of perfection).

Well it’s not their mistake, it’s just that we all, as human beings, are obsessed with the word “perfection”, even if this “perfection” drags us towards the depth of the well of “narcissism or self-obsession” and suffocates our real identities. This ‘real identity’ is somewhere lost or buried in each of us, though it is searchable  yet at times we all are scared to push it outside. Perhaps, sometimes we get too comfortable with this ‘I, me & myself’ identity of ours that we don’t want to be concerned with anybody else around.

I don’t wanna sound too preachy but ‘Can we just not live with our true self/identity?’ and let alone the world & its people keep frowning as they like to!!

So lately, I read about this article in a magazine which says that ‘Looking good’ & ‘Good-looking’ are two different things. Yeah, I mean that’s quite obvious for everybody to know its meaning but what I’m trying to show you the true picture is that even if you’re good-looking, people wouldn’t compliment you by saying ‘Hey, you’re good-looking’. Instead they would say ‘Hey, you’re looking good’. Now, you would say that probably those “Looking good” compliments could be outta people getting jealous of other people’s ‘Good-looking’ features. Well that could also be true or maybe not or maybe, the obsession with the ‘artificial/unreal identity’ overpowers the ‘real’ one in today’s time.

Real or unreal, the discussion will go on and on….Some in favour, some in against. Narcissism/Cockiness, at times, could prove to be beneficial by helping people in taking risks in life with a pinch of cockiness but never in the long-run. You know it’s really annoying to see people blabbering all the time about nothing but just about them. It’s nothing but like insecurity’s killing those narcissists’ ego and their so-called “status” (I always wondered if they had any in real).

It’s not like that you should stop loving yourself. No, of course not, you should love yourself irrespective of people’s dreary judgement about you ‘cuz that way the respect for yourself will safeguard you and your personality from this hypocritical society and its “gracious” people!

Now, I know why so many people change their selves when they enter adulthood, why despite knowing that they’re doing wrong not to others but only being harsh on themselves is the reason that they’ve hearts of a small kid who want nothing but only love & affection from people, who’s although greedy for materialistic things in life yet at the same time he’s needy for approval, support & motivation from his loved ones; he, who, wants the world to know his story and wants to hear stories every day.

Sometimes, we, as adults, feel scared to be left alone which is very much like insecurity in itself and this flame of insecurity burns our hearts of marshmallows. (Well, even those marshmallows need a flame of fire for us to be able to eat them). Like it or not but we all tend to like grey shades in our character/life, the days of black & white era seems to be gone afar. ‘Grey’ is here to ‘stay’. Say bye to black & white! (Earlier, they used to be called racists for differentiating between blacks & whites. For the greys, what would they be called? Gracists? Huh?)

Me signing off.

Have fun doing whatever you desire.

Cherish & Relish every moment!! 

Preeti Manchanda

Our Leaders

Posted: December 23, 2012 by Ankur in Hindi Write-ups, Writes...
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“मुन्नी बदनाम हुई डार्लिंग तेरे लिए।।” यह गाना जब आया तब आस पास के कई बुजुर्गों ने कहा ..बताइए अब कैसे कैसे गाने बनने लगे हैं , की लोग आजकल खुलेआम अपने बदनाम होने का ढिंढोरा पिट रहे हैं।।कहाँ है वो लता जी , किशोर जी , और मुकेश जी का जमाना?? एक वक़्त था जब लोग अपनी और उठती ऊँगली से घबरा जाते थे।।
तभी किसी ने कहा आप किस ज़माने के बात लेकर बैठे हुए हैं??यह “मनमोहिनी” जमाना है।अपने नफे और नुकसान की खातिर यहाँ मुन्नियों की बदनाम होने की होर मची हुई है,बस डार्लिंग सरकार का दबंग होना जरुरी है।।
तभी किसी ने कहा आप जनाब औरतो की क़द्र नहीं करते,औरतों के बारे आपके ख्याल अच्छे नहीं।।
उन्होंने कहा अरे जनाब!!मैं औरतो की बात नहीं कर रहा।मैं तो ” माननीयों ” की बाते कर रहा हूँ।इन मुन्नियों मैं सिर्फ आप,मैं और हम ही शामिल नहीं।इनमे अब हमारे ” माननीय ” भी शामिल हो चुके हैं।अभी देखा नहीं FDI की वोटिंग पर,डार्लिंग सरकार कहिं सांसत मैं न पर जाए,इसके लिए उत्तर प्रदेश के दो माननीयों मैं कैसे सदन से बहार निकलने की होर मची हुई थी।न बदनामी की फिक्र, न आम आदमी के बीच ” झंडू ब ाम ” होने का फिक्र।।
दिखावे के लिए उन्होंने आम जन,बहुजन की दुहाई कार्य हुए FDI के लिए सरकार को बहुत कोसा।लोहिया,गाँधी और आंबेडकर का अर्थ भी समझया,लेकिन जब डार्लिंग सरकार के खिलाफ वोट करने की बारी आई तोह बदनाम होना कबुल कर सदन से निकल आये मुँह उठाये ,बिना किसी झिजक के।।

विपक्ष ने आरोप लगाया की डार्लिंग सरकार CBI के बूते दबंग होने की कोशिश कर रही है।इसीलिए सपा और बसपा दबंग डार्लिंग सर्कार पर मेहरबान होने की कोशिश कर रही है।अपने जनता के सामने पद्चुअत होने के डर से।मायावती जी को सुषमा स्वराज की यह बात कुछ ज्यदा ही नागवार गुजरी, इसीलिए तो वो भैया सुषमा स्वराज के साथ CATFIGHT पर उतर आई और उन्हें खिसयानी बिल्ली करार दिया।साथ ही सरकार के साथ होने का वचन भी दे दिया।ठीक ही तो है जब डार्लिंग सरकार के लिए बदनाम हों ही रहे हैं तो क्यों ना खुलमखुल्ला प्यार किया जाए।दुनिया और देश जले तो जले।।
लालू जी तो डार्लिंग सरकार पर इस तरह फ़िदा हैं की उनकी आन बान शान की रक्षा करना अपना कर्तब्ये समझते हैं।सरकार कभी उनपे भरोसा करे या न करे पर वो हमेशा अपनी बाहें चढ़ाए रहते हैं।उनकी लगन मैं कभी कमी नै आती .FDI के मसले पर भी विपक्ष से भिरने से बाज नहीं आये।दोस्तों की भी परवाह नहीं करते।।

वैसे जितनी मुंह उतनी बात ,सुनने मैं आया है की इसमें भी डार्लिंग सर्कार की दबंगई है।
सही बात है भैया .CBI एक काम अनेक।।।

Sujeet Kumar

NIFT Bangalore

The fantasy and The pain

Posted: December 22, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Fantasy: such a beautiful word,, with this one word,, the smiles just come, tears vanish… the world seems just so beautiful !!

Pain : No one even wants to hear the four letter word,, but yet all are ready to give it away in free.. and fantasy,, no one wants to leave it yet no one gets it.. and pain,,, no one wants it, yet every body just gets it,,, every body has a pain in their heart, 
but a fantasy in their subconcious mind,,
and surprisingly it is this pain which makes you fantasise a world of joy, smiles,, and love

sometimes, i just think what if our world was shaped by our fantasies,, what if whatever we fantasisised,, dreamt about came true in every moment,,, what if, fantasies became realities,, what if,, the joy in the fantasy replaced the pain in the reality,,
what if the smile in the fantasy replaced the hidden tears of reality,,
what if the lie in the fantasy always seemed that it is the truth,, and you continue being happy keeping the lie in the mind, rather than being crushed by the truth in the reality…

sometimes i just wish fantasy was real,,
sometimes i wish, there were painkillers for every kind of pain the people give,,
sometimes i wish there was an eraser to erase out every bad thing that happen,,
sometimes i wish there were no shades of grey .
no feelings of coldness,,
no cold talks,, no cold looks,, sometimes i just wish….
but its just fantasy,, its never real.. 
what is real is the pain,,, the life sometimes just gives,, the pain that PEOPLE give,,
the bad moments that happen within a moment, and stay forever on with you,,are real,,
the hard hitting reality is real,, 
the loneliness one has to face is real,, not the fantasy where the dreamt one is always by your side,,,
the battle which you have to fight is real,,
not the red carpet treatment of life which one dreams
the wounds you get in the battle is for real,, not the magical water that heals every wound,, found in fairy tales,,
the tears and the fake smiles are for real,, not the beautiful minds of people which we fantasise…

the pain is real and its painful,, but yet you have to smile all the way,,, fantasising that all would be just fine…

Ananya Biswas



Posted: December 22, 2012 by Ankur in Daily Quotes, Writes...

Whats my problem, whether I reached my limits or its that my universe is so extended that I need some rest to go forward..??

Ashwini Deshpande

SGGSIE&T, Nanded