The Night Sky…

Posted: December 1, 2012 by aadrikanliu in Aadrika; NLIU Bhopal, Writes...
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Exam time makes one appreciate the beauty of a night sky…this is the result of roaming under the sky…and staring away at the late as 4 am 🙂 just a random string of thoughts

“Nights are amazing,…the way the darkest hues of blue recede to duller gray counterparts after being pierced by the night city lights glowing  on the horizon like the beacons of mystery….the lights make this delightful pattern known only to my eyes…it dawns a feeling of being back home jobless… Remaining constant and same…subtly distinct but with an easy sense of familiarity….the stars…are shining eternally..unlike many of us..clouds make them diminish and disappear not unlike our fate when confronted by problems…it gives peace…being static as it is but also fluidly dynamic…

The lone star, near the moon..inspires with awe a power unknown to the being to shine and be as eminent as it remains constant when everything around you changes…life changes…people change…and situations keep changing..,,it soothes us down…the burning rage ..The burning desires…the all disappears and a complementary calmness settles it…engulfing us and driving all other thoughts out..

The night sky…it complements the beauty of earthly objects amidst the soft glow hiding the deformities in the darkness….it provides an opportunity to de-attach…cut off from the shallow world of obligations…away under the natural roof amidst life at rest,,but the stillness rejuvenates…it enthralls and woes to follow to the dawn of understanding a whole new world awakens when the darkness falls..darkness brings enlightenment ..The space to let go the bindings and think in peace armed with virtues and patience “

The silence provides a virtual think…imagine….and being creative….”

Nivedita Saxena

National Law institute university Bhopal

in collaboration with Aadrika; Media & Management, NLIU Bhopal

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