Our love, my dream

Posted: December 22, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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My dream reflects our love
Don’t know why this is happening
Fortune causes many things
You hugged me while I was sleeping
Conceding to a flash of sleep
I fell in…., into the deep
fraction of your ocean
Actions are in motion
My dream reflects our love
and I can’t wrestle my desire
thirst ignites a blazing fire
for the want of you near
you nourish my soul my dear
yet it’s all just insane
it’s flaw to blame
Longing the squashy caress
you feel with grace
your lips red and moist
kiss you I must for I have no other choice
My dream reflects our love
A life span or so it seems
and if this love is so imposing and grand
it ought to be the masterplan.
The hint from above.
My dream reflects our love…

Nikhil Chandwani

VIT University, Vellore



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