The fantasy and The pain

Posted: December 22, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

Fantasy: such a beautiful word,, with this one word,, the smiles just come, tears vanish… the world seems just so beautiful !!

Pain : No one even wants to hear the four letter word,, but yet all are ready to give it away in free.. and fantasy,, no one wants to leave it yet no one gets it.. and pain,,, no one wants it, yet every body just gets it,,, every body has a pain in their heart, 
but a fantasy in their subconcious mind,,
and surprisingly it is this pain which makes you fantasise a world of joy, smiles,, and love

sometimes, i just think what if our world was shaped by our fantasies,, what if whatever we fantasisised,, dreamt about came true in every moment,,, what if, fantasies became realities,, what if,, the joy in the fantasy replaced the pain in the reality,,
what if the smile in the fantasy replaced the hidden tears of reality,,
what if the lie in the fantasy always seemed that it is the truth,, and you continue being happy keeping the lie in the mind, rather than being crushed by the truth in the reality…

sometimes i just wish fantasy was real,,
sometimes i wish, there were painkillers for every kind of pain the people give,,
sometimes i wish there was an eraser to erase out every bad thing that happen,,
sometimes i wish there were no shades of grey .
no feelings of coldness,,
no cold talks,, no cold looks,, sometimes i just wish….
but its just fantasy,, its never real.. 
what is real is the pain,,, the life sometimes just gives,, the pain that PEOPLE give,,
the bad moments that happen within a moment, and stay forever on with you,,are real,,
the hard hitting reality is real,, 
the loneliness one has to face is real,, not the fantasy where the dreamt one is always by your side,,,
the battle which you have to fight is real,,
not the red carpet treatment of life which one dreams
the wounds you get in the battle is for real,, not the magical water that heals every wound,, found in fairy tales,,
the tears and the fake smiles are for real,, not the beautiful minds of people which we fantasise…

the pain is real and its painful,, but yet you have to smile all the way,,, fantasising that all would be just fine…

Ananya Biswas


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