The girl I knew…

Posted: December 24, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...

There is a girl I know and this is what is left of what I know about her…
She fears her past
She fears her present
She fears her future
She fears new acquaintances
She fears her own emotions
She fears love
She fears loss
She fears tears
She fears a broken heart
She fears broken trusts
She fears disappointment
She fears contentment
She fears her desires
She fears life
And mostly she fears the teen inside her.
People still think I know her inside out but the truth is I know nothing of her goals or her wants for the future.I knw only her fears, she thinks about everyday all the time.the memories concerning her are fading like the shadow when the sun is coming up.
She fears her fears.
She is me.
The girl I knew.

Sruthi Laya

Aat Media College

  1. Interesting….U know nothing about her….actually this is very true fact that dont know people around us…

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