Dark NIghts

Posted: December 25, 2012 by Ankur in Writes...
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In the charisma of tranquility,
The murky frigid winter nights,
With the moon sheltered with the compelling mysterious haze,
Shares a chronicle of a humanity
So diverse so gigantic,
When the noble human race sleeps, 
And the felony grows to its confines,
A thunderous breathing capital appears to be lifeless,
Subsequently the inconceivable god’s conception comes into the depiction
The silvery glitters on the black expanse 
Increased by the splendor by man’s imagination
The constellations, all creativity of thoughts,
Playing inside the barely credible intellect,
From every nerve, every vein
Relieving all anxiety, vanishes all pain,
The moon so vivid,
Lightening the space around,
With the accent of winds curving into the vacant roads,
Like the clout of water over aquatic coasts,
Helps the hassles unfurnished,
And the man goes to snooze,
So as to rouse energized,
To conquer the obstacles next day,
Living blissfully, to march over his endeavor’s way…

Rishabh Barmecha

VIT University, Vellore


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