The Lessons Of Politics !

Posted: January 3, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Here I present a Poem in which a Senior pro of politics gives some special lessons to his Junior Counterparts.

Here is how he Conveys.

Welcome to the world of Politics,
A paradise for the corrupt frolics,
Today,I pass over some special tactics,
that will aid your survival in this world of politics.

Never forget to fake promises,
to this country’s masses,
“Devloped will be our nation”,
While you go abroad on vacation.

A small steal,
is a no big deal,
Kiddos,this is corruption,
Amount better be in billion and trillion.

An inquiry comittee ‘ll be set up,
that ‘ll just not show up,
conducted will be inquiry rounds,
You still being out of bounds.

For sometime,it ‘ll be news,
A crazy man will throw his shoes,
Another will book a slap,
While people just look and clap.

You may be sent to Tihar,
Or the jail in Bihar,
but ‘ve no hesitation,
as if on a virtual vacation.

Though, you ‘ll be so well served,
Sooner, You ‘ll be bored,
but, there’s just nothing to worry,
coz u ‘ll be set free in a hurry.

You, then get a clean chit,
so that you yet again cheat,
Kiddos, this is our nation,
it has ample opprtunities for corruption. 

Welcome to the world of politics,
A paradise for the corrupt frolics.

Mandeep Singh

Delhi Technological University

  1. purvesh says:

    hmm impressed..

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