Love with a vengeance

Posted: January 15, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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…and one day she leaves and she is gone forever ..!! Just like that !! if it was meant to be !! :/ the most predictable girl left in the most unpredictable way .. She simply decides and leaves !. As if nothin’ mattered to her ..after so much we been through ! How could one so supportive so caring could possibly do that ? Leavin’ behind a whole lifetime for me to regret . . . and now i cant even sleep at nights .. This loneliness this absence of her presence , the dreams of bein’ together…i am just walkin’ all over those shattered pieces ! Tryin’ to feel the pain i realized its somethin’ she left for me for my whole life .. And it didnt mattered anymore how many achievements i made how many goals i achieved i am still not succesful in my own eyes ! In this hearti still lost in your love ! Life is void now .. Emptiness surrounds in this concrete crowd … Hollowness i find in myself .. Myself in No-Mans-  Land .. Searchin’ a way out but
 Neither the phone nor the train, neither facebook nor the bus .. Not even any flight .. I cant reach out to you or hold your hands once again because i dont anymore know the TrueYou .. If i Did you would not have left like this .. So i celebrate !! Let it be ! If we were really not meant to be together so be it ! So i Die !! Every Day every evenin’ every mornin’ every night i die myself i kill myself i smoke i drink i f**k ii high on grass i kill every f##kin’ memory of yours .. With respect i suffer ..then there in my bed at 3AM i sit still and wonder”WHY ??”

 3:30 am

I get up, light a smoke, take a deep puff .. Exhale a long trail of regret. *sighs* and in the darkness i find that somewhere there’s still a part of you clingin’ on to me .. Or for the worse a part of me still clings on to you… Deep inside me we still belong to each other…

That’s when i promise i’ll tear apart this soul i will burn this soul for vengeance ! until then as long as i suffocate in your memories i will pray for your well being and will die for you always forever…

Bhoirab Ashim

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