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Oh well… long time… since I wrote any article. Totally loosing grip over writing and English don’t know why. So to save my soul tried writing this one. It may not be as good as other ones but still thought to give it a shot!! So please do not judge just FEEL!
I often find myself signing my name on scrap book, slams and photograph with these four words ‘KEEP SWEET SPARKLING SMILE’ but never tried writing much on smile so this one for it.
Have you ever wondered friends? Smile is an expression having its own language? Like smile can speak out many different feeling without actually speaking it in words?
Like don’t-just-try-to-impress-me smile, today-was-your-day-I’ll-show-you-later smile, I’m-just-loving-what-you-saying-you-can-go-on-and-on smile, you-know-me smile, you’re-boring-but-I-can-manage smile, oops! Sorry smile, and yeah of course the simple smile of happiness and a long list ahead (as I’ve mentioned this earlier in in my early notes. Amazingly lovely expression is this smile. Highly infectious that if you smile at someone today you surely get one back!
And also I’ve been reading this amazing book on how to make friends and influence people since many days with it having a amazing chapter on smile… and I was shocked reading that some people on earth are paid just for their heart winning and influencing smiles!!!! Ummm but where’s the actual matter I’ve been hunting for??? Smile that can make you fall in LOVE??? Yeah my fav!! Couldn’t find it so thought to make it of my own…
Yeah there is always that one smile you lose your heart on! Smile that make you fall in real love. And being in pune among ‘looks-rich’ people one day I came across such smile. Sitting in electrical lab he smiles at you and say “you missed your class yesterday by mistake” and you just lose your every sense over that one glance of smile and feel like loving it for rest of your life. People say you never know what thing can make you fall in love. But at least in my case I know what made me!!! Somehow that smile became the only sunshine of my life.
Rushing early to college waiting for your day to start. And you wish to catch each glimpse of that person from corner of your eyes. And when he smiles those lovely sparks and beautiful brightness in his eyes just spread a lil more love around. Mili sec of his eye blink with long eye lashes last in your heart for hours… and you imagine it like every time you blink your own. Bright face shining brilliantly with smile and those dimples on cheek somehow lite the fire inside your heart! And you feel craved. Your cravings for all kinds of temptations like burst up!!
Really friends I’ve learnt this “beauty is beautiful until you watch it from safe distance” but once you get friend with beauty you lost your heart on things kinda starts messing up! Yeah it dose… you realize beauty of that pure smile who made you fall in love wasn’t only for you. And what all purity and feelings you watched in those eyes were merely reflection of your own feelings…
And then things change this way… you rush to college with the start of new day and when your crush arrives he smiles at you… oh yeah you are his friend after all and the oh god!! Your heart itch to fall out over his feet… embarrassing feeling… you don’t want still you have to with draw your eyes from his face… all time you spend with him and still feel him going a lil far from your heart each day… really once a person falls in just-friends category you feel embarrassed each time you try to love him… and you feel like not loving him any more… may be not because you don’t want but because deep down you know BEST can never be yours…
And then comes fun time among friends and suddenly he blinks at you while laughing his heart out you feel like flying… and of course later you itch to say, “man don’t do it you killing me.” Such a sweet poison this one side untold hidden love is. People call it crush sometimes but seriously its best part of your life. It fills your heart with warmth and gives it a reason to have one extra beat! His smile in my case! No matter how things will go then and one day for sure some fairy will take away his heart like he took mine and then that smile will belong to that fairy forever… but no matter what I’ll still feel like loving it forever… for it made me FEEL the warmth of love. It explained me the meaning of purity and that how simple and heart winning things nature can create. Every time those eye lashes blinked with his head lil tilt watching me it made me feel like everything is right with my upside down life! It’s really amaz ing how a simple smile can make me loose almost my every sense can capture my each heart beat!!!

Monica Patel

Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

  1. sandy says:

    this made me smile… 🙂
    a very unusual positivity towards one-sided love…. good 1… 🙂

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