Survived The Torment, Only To Suffer More…

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‘Will they talk to me? Will they even look at me? What if I am completely ignored?’ Such are the thoughts racing past Meera‘s mind as she stares outside the window of their two bedroom flat in a semi-urban locality. She is waiting for her father to assist her to college after a wide gap of five months. She does not even know if she has any chance of clearing the exams this year whatsoever.

Suddenly her eyes fall on a group of girls walking across the pavement. They seem so cheerful, with ice-creams in hand, sharing some common joke. This scene again takes her to the flashback, five months ago, when she was returning with her friends from a theatre. Since it was just evening and she was only two blocks away from her home, so after coming halfway in her friend’s car, she thought of walking home.

One simple decision, three drunk men beside the dark road, and it took just a few minutes for them to tear her life apart. Her father after searching for her the entire night found her hiding behind a garbage dump to preserve her modesty. News spread like a wildfire. Some people visited her to offer sympathy. They gave varied advices, but their expressions conveyed -‘you have no life hereafter’. Strangers she knew nothing about protested for her to the government, but no one, not a single friend kept a hand on her forehead and gave a reassuring smile. No one even for a false second tried to fathom how she felt at that time, no one told her that it’s going to be alright. The emotional cocktail brewing inside her was tearing her soul apart. The TV channel reporters made her feel like she was inside a circle of cannibals butchering her with their looks of suppressed hunger.

She could not face anyone, so she shut herself up in her house. She kept on thinking-Why me? Why do people make me feel that I did something wrong, that it was my fault? Is it just because our society is afraid to point a finger towards a man? I don’t see any policeman harassing outside those men’s house. Oh, I forgot, they haven’t found them yet. And why has none of my friends called me?

A week ago her parents took her to a park. A kid came and started playing with her. She smiled after so many months. But not after that kid’s mother dragged her son away from her. Her dried tears came out gushing and she again drowned in her own pathos-filled river.

Now after five months she has somehow gathered up the broken pieces of courage and decided to go to college. She is full of apprehension, full of insecurity. Still, she has to do it, she tries to sound somewhat confident to herself. Suddenly she notices a bird flying past her window, nothing to worry about, total freedom. She closes her eyes, picturing herself as a free bird, smiling in ecstasy.

‘Meera, we have to go now’, her father’s voice suddenly brings her back to reality. And she left the window with a faint smile on her lips.

Asmita Paul

6th Semester


Assam Engineering College

in collaboration with The AECIAN; Assam Engineering College

  1. Nikhil Das says:

    The theme taken is a real and happening one ! Nice !!

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