The Mystifying Beauty

Posted: January 26, 2013 by aecsws in The AECIAN @ Assam Engineering College, Writes...
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She threw a glance at me,

Her eyes a hue of gold;

The look of a brave queen,

Her majestic presence. Behold!

It was love at first sight,

A thrill beyond the senses,

Her beguiling charm captured,

Through my eye lenses.

She strutted on the grassy floor,

Draped in saffron and white,

The furry coat and canines,

Gleamed in the afternoon light.

The Kumaon hills stood tall,

The throne of regal royalty.

She was a tigress, I loved,

My muse of heavenly beauty.

Kunal Borah

6th sem


in collaboration with The AECIAN; Assam Engineering College

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