Taking shots at MECH life…

Posted: February 1, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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Cylinders and Pistons
keep haunting me
Coming into my dreams
keep taunting me
To make a fool of me
much wantedly.

To deal with pressure
my friends mentored me
I don’t know what kind of gear
had entered me
For I reached
the critical tendency
As all the stresses
had centered me.

For the KTs and drops
that Engineers face
It does much look
like a race
For the friction generated
and the temperature raised
It is the equivalent
of a blast furnace.

Although many
might not agree
I’ll say they came
into Mech forcefully
As the choices they made
Had reaped them the fruit

As of me, you can see
where I have reached
My own fortress
that I have breached
To discover the truths
that I had preached
Off the sources
that I had leeched.

Good times and memories
in the canteen
Or from friends’ parties
to which I had been
Relishing the moments
that I had seen
Till the last hour
when I was a teen.

But one day
I had a dream
There were turbines and nozzles
and lots of steam
My job there
was to lead a team
Who were doing a project
on ‘Power’, it seems.

As the semesters reach
to an end
Discussing submissions
becomes a trend
The HOD and the rules
both seem to bend
And everyone’s handwriting
seems to blend.

Assignments and sheets
all the way
From home to college
and back, everyday
Until they are submitted
on time, let’s say
Then preparing for Vivas
keeping the rest at bay.

So go the concerns
of Engineers
Of whom, some tackle depression
with cigarettes and beer
Having laid low for their scandals
due to fear
All the while
trying to make themselves clear.

Rohit Krishna

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