An Ode to Engineering

Posted: February 5, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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A single word which enthralls
every time when it crosses the mind
The depth in it, which makes
someone to drown being never confined

The commitment hailed by it
is not just in return of livelihood
As there is no other way out
when one without if, feels marooned

With a spin of imagination
its the innovation of futurism
For that which was science fiction
has been transformed to realism

With the pulse of electric power
or a simple manual stroke of a hand
these wondrous devices lessen labour
freeing time for a life more a grand

Its not ‘ who you know ‘ but its
‘ who knows less than you do’ that matters.
As it is small band of creatures
who just live high in artificial structures
& this is the reason why
the respect within yourself keeps on enhancing 
for that single word which is none other than ENGINEERING.

Nikhil Das

College of Engineering Bhubaneswar

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