I asked, he said…

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I asked, he said…
Because a ‘HE’ proposing 
In red shirt and yellow pants
A rose in hand and kneeling down on knees 
Is too mainstream.
The usual sky was then filled with dull grey clouds covering the lush green campus as if trying to put a veil of obscurity over all its inhabitants. I was walking down the dusty lanes on a cloudy afternoon when suddenly rain drops turned into a steam as they sprinkled onto the pitch black road. The rain was expending itself fully; every drop of promise, every ounce of potential love was realized being without being held back. I was partially drenched by the circumferential raindrops from my umbrella. I could feel the delicate cool breeze buffing my skin as I hurried along the corridor. I was just on time to find a place to butt in. As the rain splashed down heavily on the glass pane of the windows, the meeting commenced with a formal greeting to the newcomers, I being one of them. Everyone turned around to have a look at the new faces. Amongst them I could notice a pair of brilliant jet black eyes gazing at me. A few moments later the glance turned mightily captivating. Afte r an hour of long discussion and debates, the meeting was at an end; other team-mates hovered around the newbies for an informal introduction. It was then when we first met.
“Hi, I’m Rohit. Welcome to the team. I hope you would like working with us. I suppose you are a friend of Tanvir. He’ll fill you in with the details of your work. Welcome once again and good luck, err… what was your name again?”I ogled in awe at his mesmerizing charm and incandescence as he talked. After an awkward pause I said, “It’s Divya.” As I was assigned to his team we always had to sit by the same table and work with him. He was very sincere in his work apart from being remarkably good at it. I always dreaded if I could live up to his expectations as he was a perfectionist to the core. On day he found me in a constant turmoil with an assignment. Then the next thing I discovered was a cup of freshly brewed hazelnut flavored coffee on my table. He had one in his hand too. While sipping a gulp he asked to me take a break and not to stress myself out. My glasses steamed over as I held the cup close to my lips; it was such a relief. To my very surprise Rohit wanted me to talk about anything but work and then we discussed on many random topics and at the end of a very long conversation I was relaxed. His X-factor relieved me of so many doubts and troubles making my heart and mind as light as a feather. Had the conversation not happened, I could have never worked comfortably with him. Since then we spent millions of seconds discussing work, chatting about personal lives, random stuff and bonded over numerous cups of coffee. Even after working together for so long I could never put up the courage to ask him out.
“Divya, I think it’s high time you should tell him.”
“Yes, Tanvir even I want to tell him but you know it well how bad I’m when it comes to opening up to someone with the most delicate feelings of your heart.”
“Do you want me to help, because I know him very well and you are my best friend maybe I could talk him into this.”
“Yes, that would be really nice. I knew you would definitely come to my rescue. After all that is why best friends are for. Now, I officially declare you my wingman.” We laughed heartily and returned to our dorms.
One fine day Tanvir invites me and Rohit for a dinner treat. This was the first time in 2 months we met. We talked we laughed; my long suppressed feelings were gradually resurfacing. In the meanwhile Tanvir kept on dropping accidental hints about my feelings on him and he was too blind and foolish to even notice them. After 2-3 composite meetings I and Rohit started going out very often but none of us ever talked a word about each other feelings and emotions as if they were under-actuated.
We had a little in common which gave a plethora of various topics to talk about. He is humble and gentle yet ambitious. The differences in our characteristic traits charmed me even more and were the most attractive qualities which made me grow fond of him. But he was too shy to express himself many of the times. Well that is the characteristic traits a Capricorn man. How could he be an exception? We usually went out for dinner or movies. Amongst us I was the one who did the talking. He always allowed for conversation but at the same time took some focus off me so that I’m not pressured to talk incessantly. He always provided the right balance of conversation and pleasant distraction. Inspite of all outings I always felt as if he is always enclosed within a string wall, which is not too easy to breach. A very funny thing about him was his poor ability to handle compliments. If and when he gets any, his ears would turn pink, his eyes would carry a sparkling glow and he m ay pass it off as a joke. I always wondered if I ever get to see a charming person who loves to dream, likes getting wet and seeks compliments within him.
“Hi, Rohit. We are having a party with all our friends and we would like if you come.”
“Yeah, sure.”
“I think it’s a power cut. Let me check with the other guys. Rohit you have to wait for a few moments before I get this thing fixed.” 
(That moment when the power was off I got tremendously nervous. I didn’t want to say something that I might regret later but I had to let it out or I would simply explode. Trying to get my beating heart out of my throat to talk became a mighty challenge. I kept on taking deep breaths and pretended as if everything was fine.)
“That is absolutely fine Tanvir. I’m sure I can find something to pass time. By the way where is Divya?”
“Well, you’ll find out soon.”
“Aaj ki raat dil ki yeh baat keheke keheke rahinga tujhse
Haan kar tu ya na kar de izhaar toh kar mujhse…”
As I sang with my nervous voice and skipped heart, a dim light lit his face and I could see him look at me with a mixed emotion of surprise, shock and happiness. He didn’t have the slightest idea of what was happening. Gauri and Vishakha helped me with the background score with their guitars. When the song faded, my heart almost skipped a beat. I raised my eyes and looked at him nervously; I was frozen with fear and had a terrible anticipation.
“Well I thought you would never ask.”
“Is that a yes?” I asked softly with the faintest voice unable to hear myself.
“Saying I love you is too mainstream. Can you wait till I come up with something extra-ordinary or …”
All shouted in a union, “Just say it dufford.”

And he said, “Yes!!!”
But, I asked.

P.S.: Dating him since then was a modern day battlefield of romance where hearts are won and broken, the not-quite so version of chivalry and wooing.

IIT Kharagpur

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