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Death is has to come to everyone..whatever we acquire, we possess, we inherit, we earn is left behind and one departs leaving everything behind..leaving the loved ones did my grandma.. leaving me, my parents and all my family members alone & shattered.. they say God needs good people as much as we do on earth..maybe that’s why my dearest grandma left us so untimely for heavenly abode.

Staying away from grandma in a different place never really lessened the beautiful and selfless love she had for me and all of us . Everytime she came to guwahati and visited my place, she was all the same..her evercaring nature..and so were her questions..she used to ask, “Aur kitne saal baaki hai teri padhai puri hone me?” and all the time I lazily replied, ”Do, teen, chaar saal lagenge aur dadima” ,to which she instantly said, “itttne saal…”. I never said anything after that because the time factor concerned her just the way all the parents do. Such short repeatedly occurring conversations between us now painfully strikes my mind every time I think of her. The last time when she visited my place, just the time when she was leaving..I felt an urge to reach out to her and embrace her..the feeling was somewhat completely different as if those last moments were not completely greek to my mind . Being a bit introvert in expressing my feel ing, I kept it to myself..not knowing that it was for the last time I am seeing her..the very last time. My heart tears apart whenever the thoughts of her being no more comes to my mind..whom I shall call dadimaa now..for whom shall I visit my hometown..who will put her hands on my head countless number of times and bless me and wish for my success and well being. Who…? The void created in our lives can never be filled now. 

Wherever you are, I will forever miss you..miss your lovely words…your voice…your being. I hope someday I fulfill everything you wished for me. May your soul rest in peace ever…Adieu!


Laxmi Chachan

Assam Engineering College

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