Daughters of India

Posted: February 27, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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After the horrifying incidence of Delhi bus case of Rape and murder , the whole nation has witnessed rounds of agitation , protests in national capital along with discussions of the intellectual club of India with many politician and godmen adding humour to it with their disgusting and highly irresponsible comments on dainted painted crowd and the fault of the victim for not enchanting some mantras.

I hope all this is just not a momentary response and does not quit the memory of people as the story slips from front pages of news papers.

One of the accused has revealed that “the defiance of the victim and her standing up and fighting back” was what enraged him the most , further one of the self acclaimed godman has said that had the victim begged for mercy and would have called them brothers, she could have escaped her fate(Can any one beat that).

Both the two statements depicts the same mentality of the society, that a girl is here to satisfy the male ego and how dare she can move confidently in the society , how can she even stand upto them and fight back when she is a mere coy representative of home decor. We are supposed to be in our boundary lines. We are supposed to ignore every whistle , every lewd comment every groping, and this is what encourage them to even go further and commit heinous crimes like delhi case.

I fail to understand the logic of the society, you don’t want a girl child as you think its a liability , now here we are ready to go out and work and make our own space and identity in the society so that you don’t have to worry for our future.

Then again this so called male ego is hurt. We are supposed to be scared of every watchman, every bus driver, every single lucha lafangas coz they belong to so called better and favoured human gender. No matter what status we have earned for ourselves in society, we cannot think ourselves at par and don’t have the right to feel confident in our bodies, freak out with our friends and speak our mind.

I have been lucky to be born in a family where gals are considered to be at par, where i Have been given freedom to explore and develop my self as a person.

But still i live in a society where i am not scared jumping of a mountain cliff, diving into the sea taking on adventure sports even guys would n’t but i am sacred of every whistle on the road, scared of being followed on my way back to home, scared of boarding a bus , and all this in my very own country.

Today i a daughter of India after so may years of independence ask for my right, right to feel the life without any fear, without bias , without hatred.

Let not any other gal suffer as braveheart did.

Ruchi K


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