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जब माँ की ममता चरमवस्था पर पहुँचती है, जब वह अपना प्रेम सागर अपने बच्चे पर उडेल देती है तब उस छवि में ईश्वर का आकार निखर कर दिखाई देने लगता है | उसकी ममता में ईश्वर का जाई घोष सुनाई पड़ता हैं | निर्जीव, निरर्थक चीज़ों में भी अपनी रचनात्मकता से कोई अगर उसे सबसे महत्वपूर्ण बना सकता है, तो वो केवल एक नाबालिग बच्चा ही हो सकता हैं | माँ और बच्चे की विरह पीड़ा इतनी गहरी होती है कि उसमे ब्रह्मांड समा भी समा जाए और एक अबोध बालक की हँसी में इतनी उदारता होती है की एक नया ब्रह्मांड ही पैदा हो जाए |

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अर्थ,काम,मोह से बढ़कर

प्रेम का अस्तित्व हैं

माँ की ममता में समाया है ईश्वर

यही अंतिम सत्य हैं. . . .

. . . . निस्वार्थ प्रेम, यही उसका चरित्र हैं |

उड़ता हैं हवाओं में बादलों की तरह

रख कर पाँव ज़मीन पर

हौले-हौले,रुक-रुक कर,थम कर

बढ़ता है वो रखकर अपनत्व की अपेक्षा

अपेक्षाओं की थाली में परोसती है माँ,

मीठा-मीठा सा प्यार,

आँखेबंद कर निश्चिंत भाव से,

पी जाता है वो सारा प्यार |

माँ की ममता, विरह की कथा,

बच्चे की पीड़ा,माँ का प्यार,

सुख-दुख सदा,सदा ही साथ,

मिलता है मुझे ये तत्व ज्ञान,

प्रेम ही आराधना,प्रेम ही पूजा,प्रेम ही सम्मान |

अभिव्यक्ति के तरीके से ज़्यादा महत्वपूर्ण उसके पीछे छिपी हुई भावना है | माँ से बेहतर इसे और कों समझ सकता हैं |

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I bow my head and give up my strength to those who try to trap my innocence within me. I am a man with masculine power having all my strengths to win all wars, but against those kings and queens of corruption, I get ripped apart and bound in ropes of their black powers. They are back stabbers who are split personalities with one face white and the other side black. I waged wars against them but it resulted in me getting weakened and frustrated and this has made me numb. Those kings and queens resting in black palaces draw their strengths in seeing me naked. My nakedness shows them a great defeat but the flame within my heart is like a volcano waiting to burst out and burn their empires that stand upon pillars of salt and sand. The more is the wait the more will they suffer. It’s the inner strengthened soul of mine blaring out loud. It’s not me who will always be denied and the will to rise again and again when let down makes me stronger day by day. It heals me and my soul and raises the heat inside me. My world is neither black nor blind but its aware, in the darkness of clouds of corruption and those flames burning within are just waiting for that one ray of hope which will penetrate the dark clouds and tear them apart and throw light upon peace, harmony, justice and truth. And that will open my eyes which were made blinded during the wars I waged.

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(Sixth Place Winning Article)

“मेमे जीवन मुझे मिला|”

तेरे इस दर्द से, तेरे इस दान से, आज सहारा मुझे मिला|’

क्यो किया गया तेरेसाथ कुछ ऐसा

कि तेरे ही सहारे को छीन लिया गया,

मासूम तू इतना कि “अपना दर्द ना बया करने वाला उन दरिंदो को तू मिला|

क्यो अपनी ही ज़रूरतो को पूरा करने के लिए,

उन दरिंदो ने सिर्फ़ तुझे चुना|

यह ऊन, यह मुलायम सा एहसास, जिसके साये मे,

मैं जी रहा हूँ, यह मुझे तुझसे मिला|

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तेरा मैं शुक्रगुज़ार हूँ कि, “यह एहसान तेरा मुझे मिला|”

जो एक इंसान ना कर सका, वो आज तूने किया..

मैं खुशनसीब हूँ जो साथ तेरा मुझे मिला|

तुझ से ही मुझे सुकून मिला..

तुझ से ही मुझे आराम मिला..

ए मेरे हमदर्दी..

इस तकदीर का खेल की कुछ अनोखा है

जो तुझे ये दुख और मुझे ये आराम मिला|

“तेरा मैं कर्ज़दार हूँ” जो.

इन कठिनाइयो मे साथ मुझे तेरा मिला|

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(Fifth Place Winning Article)


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In this large world, we only fill a small place
There required someone to fill the side’s space

Friendship is the way to fulfill this life’s need
It is a relation, a true relation including every colorful scene

A true friend can be anyone
With whom we have a strong bond

Friendship is not only a combo of friend and ship
It is hard to explain it, with a spoon or with a sip

If we have a friend in life we have a voice
We need no other choice

Sometimes friendship forces us to leave our place
It is hard to get out and get going in any case

We keep looking at our previous life’s sight
Why we give God all this night?

There is no one to complain, no one to explain
We only have a pen and paper in our hand

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Paraphrasing:  The world we live in is very big and we can’t spend our whole life alone. So we need someone to be there with us, to delete our life’s emptiness. Life is a gift from God. To enjoy it we need the relation of friendship. The friendship involves strong bond. Friendship is not just a word. It is hard to explain it. It is hard to show all its features. Only friend can help us to handle all kind of situations. We don’t need any other choice.  Sometimes friendship forces us to get going in any other way out but it is very hard to face it. Sometimes God doesn’t do well to us. And the worst case is that we can’t complain

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(Fourth Place Winning Article)

An Insightful Experience

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There was a great rush in the clinic that day because the doctor was running late and I was a little anxious that day with a great deal to be signed that day and it was very advanced technology but we were on some negative points  –  our major drawbacks – but we were sure to overcome them. I was impatient and was travelling from the waiting area to receptionist desk hoping that, that would make the doctor come fast because I had got this appointment after a lot of struggle. Tired of my impatient walking the receptionist asked me to sit in the waiting area and wait because the doctor would be late for another hour and a half. Following her advice and dragging my feet, I reached the waiting area and as she announced the further delay of the doctor’s arrival many of them left, throwing a dark look at me she went inside. Fuming, with anger and after telling my team that I might get late, I turned on the music on my iPod, put on the earphones and started listening to my favorite tracks.

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Half way through my playlist I felt like I do not have any more patience left and would get another week’s appointment. At the time I was sorting my internal dilemma I saw a lady entering with her two kids, out of which the elder one had a broken hand made imminent by the plaster on it. The little one was I guess there to support his brother because he was clutching the sweater’s hem of his brother. The scene took me to the time when my brother had got a fracture because of me in his one of the limbs and I was with him all the time, around the clock. The look on the mother’s face reminded me of my mother and I decided to stay. The mother went to the receptionist said her something and she smiled and while returning she ruffled her kids hairs gave them a kiss and left. As she went she gave a warm smile to me and left clinic.

The two kids both little frightened entered the waiting hall and sat at the very end watching me and the elderly couple that sat as they passed. I was about to look out of the gate and pay attention to beats when the kids caught my attention again. They both were staring at a globe placed beside them with an ice pack on its top. The sight of it astonished me and I was caught up in the thoughts of the way it appeared. I met the eager eyes of those kids and saw the elderly couple too look in their way – all of us were confused but above all fascinated. And we all, three of us left our seats and started moving towards the creativity that had caught our eye. As we reached there the little one asked loudly why was an ice pack placed on top of globe and did he have an appointment or not? All of us were about to answer him in a matter-of-fact tone, we heard a voice reach from back that it had taken an appointment from a very long time but could not be treated. That tone could never be mistaken by me – the confident yet convincing tone could not be of anybody else but the doctor’s. Unfastening the buttons of his coat and hanging it on the wall besides the door he came and took up that little boy in his lap and asked us to be seated. Then turning to the kid he said that when the doctor was his age  he lived in a time where weathers weren’t so unpredictable and he did not had to be afraid of UV rays and there was lots of greenery and he was a boy who ate very healthy food and enjoyed outdoors. The boy said then why isn’t that now and what does that globe with the ice pack on it means? The doctor said that as time passed, technology advanced and its use increased and that caused a rise in global temperature and some chemical reactions in air, caused many changes and led to global warming. I pulled out a few images of it to show it to the kid to help him understand what the doctor was saying.

When kid realized what he was told, bewildered he said to all of us that why weren’t we treating it then first. The doctor said that the damage has been done and restoring it to its normal self would take ages but we could surely prevent the further damage! Listening to this the boy relaxed a bit.

This reaction made me think of my actions that even this little boy realized of what he was told then why couldn’t we?

 He was still little to understand details but we are grown up enough to know what it means. And work towards the greater good and to see the change, bring the change from within us.

The display of concern the doctor showed towards that worry of that kid, gave me a hope, a hope that may be I would succeed in what I had planned.  That finally I would be able to get my ‘GO GREEN’ campaign running, a project which I had planned. My appointment passed in a blur and still lost in my recent insight of self-confidence. The receptionist saw me in a puzzled way as she wrote in my appointment diary something and I saw the mother walking away with her two kids who helped me a lot today.

The changes are within, it takes ages to for results but we should not give up. Just keep on going and bring the change and keep working for the greater good always‼


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हम अक्सर ये सोचते है कि कुछ पाना बहुत आसान होता है पर कुछ पाना या कुछ पाने की चाह रखना हमेशा से ही कठिनाइयो से भरा होता है| एक ग़रीब इंसान अपनी हर इच्छाओ को पा सकता है पर उन इच्छाओ को पाने के लिए उसे बहुत सारी कठिनाइयो से होकर गुज़रना पड़ता है| एक बच्चा जो दोड मैं जाना चाहता है पर उसके पास पैसे नही है तो उसका सपना टूट जाता है पर जब उसी बच्चे को एक स्केटर मिलता है तो उसकी खुशी का ठिकाना नही होता है क्योकि उसने अपने सपनो  को देखना बंद नही किया है| वो बच्चा भी जीवन के दोड मैं जहाँ पैसा, दोलत, शोहरत के बड़े मायने है वो उस दुनिया मैं अपना नाम बनाना चाहता है, वो चाहता है कि लोग उसे पहचाने, उसके सपने सच हो जाए यही कल्पना लिए वो जीवन की दोड मे आगे बधता है| ऐसा कहा गया है कि “खुद ही को कर बुलंद इतना कि खुद ही पूछे बता तेरी रज़ा क्या है”….. इसका मतलब है कि हम अपने होसले, सपने को इतना बुलंद करना चाहिए कि भगवान आकर पूछे बता तुझे क्या चाहिए| होसलो से इंसान की इच्छाशक्ति मजबूत होती है|

होसला  अगर बुलंद हो तो हम कुछ भी हासिल करने की चाह को बरकरार रख सकते है|

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“होसलो से तीर हो, दुश्मनो की पीड़ हो

अपनो के सहारे, दुनिया को जीत लूँ||”

यही विश्वास हमे दुनिया मे अपनी पहचान बनाने मे ह्मारा साथ देता है ओर इसी के सहारे हम दुनिया को दिखा सकते है कि हम मे भी दम है| जब हम कुछ पाने की चाह मे निकलते है तो हम खुद पर जो विश्वास रख कर जो भी पाना चाहते है उसको हम पा सकते है|

हर मोड़ पर कठिनाइयो से सामना करना होगा, हर इंसान से खुद को जिताना होगा पर ये सब तभी हम हासिल कर सकते है” जब हम अपने खुद ही को बुलंद रखेंगे, जब हम अपने इरादो को मजबूत, अपनी इच्छाशक्ति को अडिग बनाए रखेंगे|”

इसी प्रकार वो बच्चा जो सपना पाने चाहता है वो पा सकता है ओर इसी प्रकार जीवन जीने की नई शुरुआत होती है|

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(Second Place Winning Article)

It was a sunny day, my car was crawling on the heavily jammed road of New Delhi and suddenly it stopped with a jerk. I came out of my thoughts and stepped out to find out what had happened.
Oh! It was an accident, quite normal in metro cities of our India. While I was watching the whole scene many children came and started asking for alms. Heavily jammed roads are their favorite place for the begging industry. I think, I spoke rudely and told them to move away, some of them went, but one was still there.

He stood near me and didn’t say anything, the dirty face of his hand visible as he begged for money. He was continuously staring at me, his eyes piercing my shield, I was completely shaken up.

His eyes said so much to me. In the midst of the entire rich crowd, kicking him, abusing him, he was standing firm and there was so much inside him he wanted to reveal.


It said, real India lives in villages but at that moment I found that real India is seen in eyes of every individual who is striving for something. Real India is fighting to survive. I was sweating abruptly. Hurriedly I went into the car and closed the windows, as if I was trying to blind myself from what I had witnessed now or to my realizations. Thoughts were popping into my head continuously. I portrayed that child in my mind; his face refused to get out of my head. His eyes so curious, his face so sad and desperate, his clothes, torn and hands, dirty. But still he has that attitude, that persona. He was completely portraying the real India. That child was a result of poverty, no care. He was a victim of child labor and no education facility was being provided to him.

Our India is facing this situation which is a problem at a global level. India is dominated by superpowers like U.S.A, U.K., France and many more. Our economy is at its verge, unemployment is at its limits. Despite being the second largest populated country of the world, we are among the weakest and poorest. No doubt we have talent, we have high ambitions, desires and at the same time we are hard working and determined, but the lack of facilities and because of lack of good leaders we are still, after 60 years of independence, a developing country.

It is not only that India is dominated by external forces only, but internally our system is so corrupt that we getting hollowed from inside. Delhi gang rape incident or 2G, 3G scams are some of prominent examples of it. We are busy in fighting ourselves, then how can we face others.

That child on his forehead bore our tricolor. I felt that, that tricolor was ashamed that it could not fill colors in the life of that child. His determination reflected the determination of the youth of India, of future India. But being surrounded by so cruel forces, his hands were begging, not for money, but for freedom, I realized.

Freedom is a thing to apply, to rejoice, to revive and to reform. Yes, he wants to reform our India. So many measures have been taken to make India, a better place.

Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption rally is one that deserves a mention. But now what? No change. Still we stand on the same street.

India is begging to be uplifted, to be developed, but after 60 years also, there are more slaves than fighters in this cut-throat world.

India is getting wounded. We need to develop in all ways, by all means. We need to come together, and work to make our India, that India which will reflect in the eyes of every child, youth or old dreams. That India which I saw in that child’s eyes needs to be transformed, so that we can be on the giving side. The process will be slow, but I am sure we will make one day that INDIA of many DREAMS. Just what is needed is co-operation of every Indian and then we will be nowhere behind in any field.

 That day I too took a vow that I will do whatever I can to fulfill the many dreams I saw in the eyes of that child. I see that time is not far when these hands will not be begging for help but will be involved in  giving happiness around the world.


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India, a land of divine culture,
Traditions forming a classic structure.
Lamps and lights brightening the street
Mixing up all the castes and creed..

Clean and pure were the once formed relations,
Amazing and lovely were god’s creations.
Hands were joined to applaud this country,
But cruelty made its fascinating entry.

Girls r harassed in every corner,
Selfish desire playing as a pathetic ruiner.
Not even middle aged women are spared,
While these brutal beasts are carefully reared..

Innocence of kids acting as a bait,
Demons have they become with a high rate.
Buses and roads are unsafe places,
Where souls are ripped apart without traces..

So why are these animals reared in jail?
Where they easily step out with a bail..
Hanging these monsters should be an occasion,
Indians just wake up and protect our Nation!!!

Renuka Battula

Kite College of Professional Engineering Sciences

Meri Jung

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Main khush nahi hun aaj,
Kyun ki ho gayi hai meri duniya mujhse naaraaz,
Toot ke bikhar gayi mere dil ke saare saaz,
Mujhe nahi chahiyie koi sirmaur- sartaaz,
Bas lauta de koi mere khushiyon se bhare din aaj,
Kyun ki main khush nhi hun aaj.
Wah ek din tha jab main apne khushiyon ke daaman mein chahakti thi, damakti thi,
Par aaj wah ek din hai jahan main bheetar se roti hun, bilakhti hun,
Par logon ke samne ab ek khushiyon ka muhkhauta lagaati phirti hun,
Kyun ki main khush nhi hun aaj.
Par main in manavkrit aghaaton se darungi nhi,
Chup ho kar, dar kar, saham kar kisi andhkosh mein ghut – ghut kar marungi nhi,
Himmati hun main, koi darpok nhi main,
Isliye, uthungi main, ladungi main,
Apne khushiyon ke looteron par aghaat kar apne maayusi par vijayprapti karungi main,
Aur apne jeevan phir se khushiyon se bharungi main.

Smita Kumari

National University of study & Research in Law, Ranchi