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India, a land of divine culture,
Traditions forming a classic structure.
Lamps and lights brightening the street
Mixing up all the castes and creed..

Clean and pure were the once formed relations,
Amazing and lovely were god’s creations.
Hands were joined to applaud this country,
But cruelty made its fascinating entry.

Girls r harassed in every corner,
Selfish desire playing as a pathetic ruiner.
Not even middle aged women are spared,
While these brutal beasts are carefully reared..

Innocence of kids acting as a bait,
Demons have they become with a high rate.
Buses and roads are unsafe places,
Where souls are ripped apart without traces..

So why are these animals reared in jail?
Where they easily step out with a bail..
Hanging these monsters should be an occasion,
Indians just wake up and protect our Nation!!!

Renuka Battula

Kite College of Professional Engineering Sciences

  1. venkatesh says:

    my sister done a very good job and i am really feeling happy .. 🙂 All the best renu…!!

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