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In this large world, we only fill a small place
There required someone to fill the side’s space

Friendship is the way to fulfill this life’s need
It is a relation, a true relation including every colorful scene

A true friend can be anyone
With whom we have a strong bond

Friendship is not only a combo of friend and ship
It is hard to explain it, with a spoon or with a sip

If we have a friend in life we have a voice
We need no other choice

Sometimes friendship forces us to leave our place
It is hard to get out and get going in any case

We keep looking at our previous life’s sight
Why we give God all this night?

There is no one to complain, no one to explain
We only have a pen and paper in our hand

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Paraphrasing:  The world we live in is very big and we can’t spend our whole life alone. So we need someone to be there with us, to delete our life’s emptiness. Life is a gift from God. To enjoy it we need the relation of friendship. The friendship involves strong bond. Friendship is not just a word. It is hard to explain it. It is hard to show all its features. Only friend can help us to handle all kind of situations. We don’t need any other choice.  Sometimes friendship forces us to get going in any other way out but it is very hard to face it. Sometimes God doesn’t do well to us. And the worst case is that we can’t complain

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