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I bow my head and give up my strength to those who try to trap my innocence within me. I am a man with masculine power having all my strengths to win all wars, but against those kings and queens of corruption, I get ripped apart and bound in ropes of their black powers. They are back stabbers who are split personalities with one face white and the other side black. I waged wars against them but it resulted in me getting weakened and frustrated and this has made me numb. Those kings and queens resting in black palaces draw their strengths in seeing me naked. My nakedness shows them a great defeat but the flame within my heart is like a volcano waiting to burst out and burn their empires that stand upon pillars of salt and sand. The more is the wait the more will they suffer. It’s the inner strengthened soul of mine blaring out loud. It’s not me who will always be denied and the will to rise again and again when let down makes me stronger day by day. It heals me and my soul and raises the heat inside me. My world is neither black nor blind but its aware, in the darkness of clouds of corruption and those flames burning within are just waiting for that one ray of hope which will penetrate the dark clouds and tear them apart and throw light upon peace, harmony, justice and truth. And that will open my eyes which were made blinded during the wars I waged.

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Creative Writing event @ Panache 2013 by CampusWriting…

(Sixth Place Winning Article)

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