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Happiness returns Again !

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Whatever happens, happens for a reason… 
Energy and friendship is the mood of the season…
Behind every dark cloud, there is a silver lining…
After every dark gloomy night, there is the jovial sun shining….
I feel optimistic about life and the people around….
Hope and happiness everywhere abound…..
I just had my eyes closed for some time…
Missed the precious chances prime….
But now, I hope to live again…
Free from loneliness, free from pain….
I want to smile and spread that smile….
Take a break after walking every mile….
From the core of my heart, I thank the people….
Who never made a minute of my life dull…..
My family and my dearest friends….
You held me till every bend….
When I was shunned, hurt or misunderstood….
For making me happy, you did all you could…..
Till I wasn’t merry, you never left me…
A prosperous life is what you made me see…
I love you all, each one of you….
If not as anything else, I’ll be a friend true…..

Antra Banerjee

National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi

How to dance on a “Fatal” stage

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All I could hear was my name being screamed in a rhythmic loop amidst claps and laughter. A moment before that, I was sitting in a dark corner amongst a just about familiar faces, biting my nails while cursing the sadist blood running through the veins of my seniors. Bloody sadists. How could they even think of putting their sweet not-so-little juniors through such traumatic jolts? The sympathetic nervous system of my body was far away from being sympathetic and was boiling with action sending out signals to the brain that this lady is not pleased. My legs were shaking. Sweat drenching my palm and forehead. Heart rate speeding more than the speed of light. I knew my hands are going to shake when I read the letter. I had taken all sorts of precautions to prevent this rather uncanny self of mine to come out of the closet. Defense mechanism is what I call them. I had read the letter nth times so that I don’t flounder on the words. I had rehearsed walking up to the stage and holding the microphone. I had prayed to God, if he could save me just this one time. I had practiced meditation for hours to keep myself calm. In case my hands go numb, I had prepared myself well for that too by tying my rubber band around my fingers so that I could feel them. I had left my hair open so that my red hot ears do not make its presence in the public. And for a shield between my audience’s eyes and my eyes, I had my power less specs ready. A direct eye contact is just as dangerous as the infectious conjunctivitis. I know all this sounds extremely silly to the point of being coming across as obnoxiously fatuous. But I could not help myself. I just could not imagine myself flaunting out loud in front of my seniors and my new friends that I was goddamn nervous.

Suddenly there was my name thrown high up in the air and falling bang right in my ears. My fingers involuntarily stopped its play with the rubber band. I could feel my heart pumping blood to all over my body and my throat parching. It was my time to go up the stage and profess my love to one of the seniors.  Never had I imagined my fist brush with love proposals would happen this way. Anyway, I gathered all my courage and made my way to the stage. There was a strange interplay between my heart beat and the clap of the crowd; as if both of them had conspired against me to stumble on my way. No, I did not stumble. I fell down flat on the floor. I felt my whole world crushed on me. That I belonged to the floor. As if I was just given the death sentence. But then, a suicidal movement it may seem, I did restore my clumsy self and slowly walked towards the stage.

The stage is the most haunted place on earth I believe. What can otherwise explain the bizarre behavior that I do the minute I step my foot on a stage? The color of my face changes. My hands and legs do the break dance on it own. There are knots in my stomach. And words just refuse to come out of my mouth in an appropriate chronology. It has to be the doing of some ghostly being hovering around me while I try to be really exceptional on stage. It was the same ghostly being who shook my hands vociferously while I held out the love letter to my senior. There were tears in my eyes that I desperately tried to hold back. My first day in college was disastrous. I could not even begin to imagine how I am ever going to show my face again. It was like the whole world was staring at me, almost like shooting at me with their eyes. I felt naked and exposed. I wanted to just run somewhere and cry out loud. Little did I know that it was time for the storm to finally settle down?

Fear of public speaking has been a common phenomenon amongst many people today. I have been a victim of such a social ordain for a very long time. Life is tough as they say. But it becomes tougher when not being able to speak out become a part of your natural disposition. Life gives too many chances but this one disposition of yours pulls you back from taking up those chances. Like it did for me and I lost each one of them at the cost of causing a huge hara-kiri to my image. I lost out on being part of a short-film because I feared the camera lens on me. I never took part in debates, extempore etc because I feared those eyes staring right at me. I feared the limelight on me. The weight of public glare was too heavy on my shoulders. I would rather do my work somewhere in a hidden corner where nobody could see me. I do not know if I was doing the right thing. All I knew was I was missing out on those things that would have made things right for me professionally. As hard may be it is to accept, I was being utterly foolish.

That evening when I came to my room, I could not look myself in the mirror. I had lost myself to the hands of mindless fear and it was unnerving to see its reflection in the mirror. At once, a whole montage of random shots of my failed performances-the song I could not sing, the opinion I could not voice out, the film I could not act out- came in a whim in front of my eyes. I started questioning my fear. Who do I attribute my fear to? I did not even know what I feared. The public glare? The limelight? The Camera? The stage? May be it was time for the epiphany when my mobile buzzed.

“Self-confidence does not come from presence of success but from the absence of fear of failure – DAD”. A message from my father, who had absolutely no idea about my current situation. Talk about cosmic timing. That was the moment when all my questions were answered. Everything became crystal clear. You know one of those “eureka” moment when you suddenly find out what you had been looking for since ages. Or the moment when a complex puzzle is solved or a twisted knot is straightened. Yes, it was one of those moments when finally realization dawned upon me. It took just one SMS for me to infer that it was not the stage I feared, nor the public. I feared failure. I was so busy preparing myself to be perfect that I drilled myself in a way that I began to unconsciously etch it in my mind that a little imperfection would kill me. It became so much important for me to be the best in front of public no matter who I was inside. I was so blind that I could not see that it was okay for people to see your little flaws here and there. I forgot to laugh at myself and my idiosyncrasies. My threshold for tolerance of failure was put up in such a high pedestal that I invented my own “bullet proof” defense mechanism to fight against failure. But guess what? In the same process, I failed in each and every battle worth fighting for. Wish I could have known that the secret to win the battle was to embrace yourself as who you are with all the love and care that you expect from others. Wish I could have known that those claps that day were to encourage me, that the whole “love-letter” session was an welcome gag for us, that if I was not so persistent on making a hullabaloo out of it I could have realized that I was not running for an academy award competition but just an innocent senior-junior rapport building effort. Wish I could have rewind my time back.

As I rest my head in the pillow that night I was at peace. Because now I knew the secret. I had pooh pooh’ed my fear for good. The storm had finally settled down indeed. I know it might seem a very trivial matter for a lot of people and I genuinely envy them for their fearless attitude but then I also know that while I sleep in peace today, there is someone out there taking turns in bed because he has to give a presentation tomorrow.  I reveal this secret for you my friend. I hope it works for you like it did for me. Love yourself and be assured that the only thing that will do a break dance is your heart. Good Luck.

Bhavna Devchoudhury


जीवन सुधा है तू ,
ए मृगनयनी
मेरे जीने की वजह है तू !!

तेरे कस्तूरी ने हमे तुझ तक खिंचा है ,
पलकों ने तेरे , हमे बांधे रखा है ,
हमारे इस दिल को ,
तेरे उस प्यार भरे झलक ने सींचा है !!

जिंदगी है ये छोटी सी ,
पल में खत्म हो जाएगी ,
ए दिलरुबा , चाह लिया अगर तुने ,
कसम खुदा की ,
ये जिंदगी अमर हो जाएगी !!
जीवन सुधा है तू …………………………….!

बादल का रुख भी अजीब है ,
बरसता हर जगह है ,
भिगोता हर किसी को है ,
पर न जाने क्यूँ, हमसे इतना खफा है !
जीवन सुधा है तू …………………………………….!

इश्क की इस आंधी में ,
सूखे पत्ते की तरह है ,
हवा के झोके ने ,
जिसे इस तरह झकझोरा है ,
जो हर किसी ने दुत्कारा है ,
मोहब्बत के समंदर में ,
अपनी आशिकी ने ही नक्कारा है !
जीवन सुधा है तू………………………………..!

Ranesh Anand

National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi

So I’ve been told quite frequently these following words – “ This guy, no matter how many times you try to talk sense to him, his thick skull always gets in the way.” Well, most of the time it’s in Tamil, sometimes in English, and once or twice if memory serves well, in Hindi.
Now, the context for them all vary. In one case, it’s like insults. Ranging from yo-mama jokes to insults about my appearance, gender, math skills (Shut up and stop laughing, I still passed so HA! ) and mostly academics. Most of my close friends already know that unless I’m unsure or ask for advice myself, I wouldn’t take their advice, even if they’re right. I suppose you could call me stubborn, dum, short-sighted, proud, egoistical etc. And maybe I’m all of that , or none of that.

But here’s the real thing, every bit of advice I get, whether It’s good or bad, I always listen. I may not follow, but I always listen, and consider what would happen if I do follow it. Most of the advice I receive from my friends are always centred on trying to help me, or shield me from mistakes I could be making. It’s quite heart-warming to find that even though I could be a condescending jerk at times, they still look out for me and blah blah. But I wonder, what if I said that the only reason I don’t follow their advice, I don’t share their concern is because it doesn’t make me happy to follow them? That even though my actions right now could be making me happy for like a month or two, and end up hurting me for a year later, I’d still do it?
Well, If you’re going to ask why on earth would anyone do something as stupid as that, I’m going to give you a cliché answer – “Life is about being happy”

I know right. Lame. Unrealistic. Unlike what we were trained to think since childbirth.
“Life isn’t about being happy, life’s about being smart, surviving, and coming out on top.”
And let me ask you. Why? Why about survival? Why do you guys want to get high end jobs? To give you comfort in your old age? You’d rather waste 40 years of your life with specialized education and working night shifts in your office to earn 2 lakhs per month so that when you’re 60 you can retire and spend the twilight years of your life in a fancy arm-chair?
Well, I have nothing against that plan. It’s a good plan actually. Insurance. Certainty. You’re sure to lead a comfortable life with 20 servants looking after things for you and your family. If That’s what makes you happy, go for it! I’d be the first guy who would support you if that‘s what makes you feel worth it. But ask yourselves this – How many people like you have already achieved that, and when they’re old and tired, how many have regrets so deep that carrying them alone kills them?
“I wish I could’ve become a professional paint-ball champion”
“I wish I tried climbing the Himalayas”
“I wish I became an ethical hacker”
“I wish I followed my dream of being an international guitarist”
“I wish I could’ve become a gym-trainer”
“I wish I became a director”
“I wish I became a pilot”
“I wish I became an artist”
“I wish I could travel around the world”
“I wish I became a masterchef”
Oh I could go on forever.
I ask them, “Why couldn’t you?” They answer – “It was a stupid dream, not really useful in the real world.”
Then why are we still carrying on like this? Are you really going to blame it on the system?
“This education system is the issue! They make engineers and doctors seem like the best! The mindset of society that if you’re not an engineer you can’t win in this country.” Go ahead then. Do whatever the society tells you. Be AFRAID of adversity. Be AFRAID of disappointment emanating from people you care about. Let that fear guide you to do what others want you to. Don’t take risks. Be smart. AVOID the consequences ENTIRELY.
Makes so much sense when I say that right? It’s because it’s not the society’s mindset, it’s YOURS. There are people all around who make it amazingly well even thought they don’t follow engineering. Maybe they got their B.Tech degrees, or even masters, but in the end, it’s always only a backup for them. They don’t be people they don’t want to be. They follow their dreams, and as simple as that, they achieve them. Sure you could say it’s not that simple. There are always pitfalls and stuff. OBVIOUSLY. Do you think you’re so special that people would give you whatever you want? You’re nothing. You mean absolutely nothing. You always did. Don’t let anyone tell you different, because it’s a lie. And if you want to be something, be the one who wants to be something. That’s the start.
I want to show you guys a small video, my friend Saran Rishi in my class made about his upcoming short film the perceptionist. He’s a B.Tech student btw,and not that attuned for it either. He wants to be a director. And his passion is so strong, you can almost feel it here.

Obviously, I love it. I think it’s pure genius. And for a B.Tech student to come up with this with a limited budget, a hostelite who has very little time outside campus (college rules), he made this just like that. Oh, he didn’t need a B.Tech degree for this btw. Just saying.
I want to be a guitarist. My main genre of interest is metal. My own mother thinks it’s noise and not worth playing. More than 90% of my friends think what I’m playing is crap. A few know that I worked hard to get my skill at this level. I don’t have inborn talent. But with over 90% of people telling me to stop, why am I continuing making ‘Noise’? Because I like it. I know that I’d get very little appreciation. I know that I may end up being called a guitarist wannabee, hell I bet some people already call me that. Over 3.5 years of playing the guitar, and THIS bullshit was my first recording.

I myself think its crap. Not even worth replaying. But I uploaded it anyway. Why? Because I worked hard to be able to confidently play something like THAT. I have NO inborn talent. I have NO high speed learning potential. I’m just an average guy who plays the guitar because he likes it. I touch my guitar, All I can think of is just what I can play, how I can play, and why am I thinking this when I could be playing? I cant express what I fell when I do play my guitar. It’s content, happiness, joy, everything is just beautiful, amazing, and I feel so happy, it’s almost unrivalled.
I don’t want to loose this feeling to something as mundane as a fancy arm chair made of sandalwood. I don’t want to lose it to be able to order 20 servants around to pick me up and carry me up the himalayas, I don’t want to lose it to wasting my life working for a company to whom I’m just an investment, and not even human. I want to keep it. And I will. To the grave.
I just hope You guys can understand what I want to tell you. I have so many things I want to get out of my head to tell all you guys. People who care about me, or not.
Dream on.

Srihari S

Amrita School of Engineering

Dream, Love, Mistake, Pain & Life

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You must dream, to set your goals, but u must wake up and work for them to realize it.

But, when your dreams are the ones that keep you up for countless nights and keep you tormenting through the day, you must realize, it’s time to dream something new, or get over the dream. I learnt it the hard way.

Every day, is special, and has something new for us to learn. But, there are a few extra-special days, which stand out, for reasons which brings emotions flooding to us, some happy, some sad and sometimes, the worst kind…a mix of both.

I’ll speak of a dream I had, in the form of a young lady. She was a classmate of mine, since nursery till class xii. I have known her for the past 18 years of my life as a friend, a guide, a confidante and later as a lover. The dream was a simple, yet very hard to achieve one, to live happily. We knew, our parents wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about the relation, we knew our relatives will ask too many questions , we knew that we would fight too often, but still, we chose to hold on to the dream. As school got over, we parted ways to our respective universities, with the promise to “catch-up” every day and love each other over the distances. We loved each other, and nothing, or no-one could ever come between us, at least we thought, assumed and reassured ourselves so. As the years kept on crossing, bitterness of the distance in between crept into our relation and soon, the question “how was your day?” , which once used to amuse us for hours became a pain to ask and reply. Our daily chatting had become a habit, rather than a moment of respite from everyday work. The conversations would last barely a few minutes and then we would have nothing more to talk about or a fight would break out. The feeling of a presence of a third person between us started creeping into me. And on one fine evening, I asked her, in all earnest, if there was something about a someone else she would like to tell me. She exploded with berating me as a non-trusting person, uncouth, uncaring and branded me as the typical boyfriend. I was ashamed. Ashamed that I had doubted her. As days went by, the doubt kept on nudging me but was put down with determination.

It was the day, I got my first job, through campus placements. Nice job in a foreign multinational company, good pay! Party commenced at my hostel room, alcohol and weed in great demand. To let my lady love know about my success, I called her up. Call waiting…once, twice, thrice….that night, I had called her up twenty-two times, that I realized later. With frustration, came anger and my doubt seared again…blame it on the alcohol et al., I checked her FB account. As I navigated to the “messages” section, in one swift moment, all the “high” feeling I had was wiped away as I found her chat logs. I read through my girlfriend’s chats with a classmate of her, realizing that my girlfriend had ceased to me mine since the past few months. In desperation, I called her up, and she did receive, annoyed that I had called her so many times, and I asked, “why didn’t you tell me?”. She knew, by the way I spoke and the way I asked that I knew about her, she replied, in the coolest of the ways, “I didn’t tell you coz it might have hurt you”. I had no answers to her explanation. She also added that I should have trusted her, and that I betrayed her trust by checking her chat logs, and in return, when I asked about her betrayal, she said, that since our relation was not working out, she had to. In one fleeting instant, more than a decade old bond of trust and friendship ended. The day which began as my happiest ended being in the superlatives of saddest.

It has been more than a year since this incident, but still, every word and expression is seared into my memory. I do not talk to her anymore, but I haven’t been able to delete the photographs I had of “us”. In retrospection, I realized my mistakes of being too caring and too protective. 

As time has taught me, to ignore, is a grave mistake, but to give importance to a person, way more than she deserves, is a sin.

Kaustav Sen


Maa, main rahti, to kahti

Badi sahmi si rahti hai teri beti aajkal,
Ban baitha hai khauf uski aankhon ka kajal maa,
Ab andhere se darr sa lagta hai mujhe bohot,
Teri gudiya suraj ke sath sath doob jati hai maa,
Kabhi aandhi me ladte ped si mazboot thi main,
In hawas ke jhonkon ne kamzor kar dala hai maa,
Ik izzat ki zindagi bhi na de pati hai ye dunia,
Aisi kaun si jannat main maang baithi thi maa,
Maa  mere gunahgaaron ko kuch yun saza mile,
Ho jae sawera kuch aisa,ki phir shaam na dhale,
Badle jo soch zamaane ki to maa ek ummed si hai,
Teri har beti bas phir is dunia ko jannat hi kahe…

Amim Fatmi
NIFT, New Delhi


India’s population- asset or liabilty

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In his theory of population, Malthus stressed the need of keeping population within limits to the point he called Optimum. This is the point below or above in which decrease or increase in population affects the overall well being of a society or nation. If the population is less then it said to be an underdeveloped country and if the population is more then it is said to be an underdeveloped country. 

But India’s billion plus population is expected to overtake that of China by the middle of the century.It is being increasingly regarded by the policy planner of India that the population is not a liability rather its an asset that can prop the country to economic greatness.

There are many countries in Africa which are sparsely populated but are among the most backward countries of the world. Does a small population guarantee you a place in the front-line of developed nations? No friends no. Not that anyone is encouraging people to have more children- quite the opposite but the new thinking in the government circle is that India’s Population should be used to illustrate country’s huge potential both in economic and political fields.

Experts say on just 2.4% of global landmass 16% of global population is living. Successive Indian Governments have been faced with the problems of how to reduce the ever increasing pressure on ever dwindling resources. 

Now its massive workforce is seen as country’s greatest resource to harness. Now a days it is seen that whatever problem, the country is facing, today that is due to its population. Yes I agree population does dilute the results and achievements of many plan and policies but that’s just the one side of the coin. With far sighted vision and planning suited to the local needs, taking in account the unique features of our nation, it is possible to achieve a lot. one billion plus brains can change nation’s destiny. The Government’s record says that 402 million Indians are aged between 15 to 59 the working age and this number will grow to 820 million by 2020.

Economists such as Jayate Ghosh of Jawaharlal Nehru University advocate large doses of investments in health, education , infrastructure and sanitation, if India wants to take advantage of its work force and opportunities.

China has proved that population is an asset and if invested heavily in human resources and equitably distributed, nation can reach dazzling heights. China is emerging as a competitor to U.S.A. in many fields. If China can do this then why can’t we? 

India will also need to improve its 20-30% of population which is currently below poverty line. This is vital if India wants to convert its huge population into demographic bonus or dividend. The large country like India can achieve the impossible with decentralized enterprise and planning. 

I end with a quotation- “It is good to have giant’s strength but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant”.

Aishwarya Jugade


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What next? Argh. Don’t you just hate that question?

I Got into Media College based on a decision I made during the last term of school. But that kind of easy last minute decision-making is not going to do it this time and I know that for sure. One year from now, I will be done with college and then what? What do I really want to do? I fear the answer is “ I’m still thinking about it and I’m going to figure it out through the course of next year”. But that answer is no more valid I hear.

I walked into mum’s office today and asked her “What do you think I am going to do after I am done with college ma?” and she stared blankly at my face and said, “I don’t know, I have to think about it…” I finally picked myself up and asked her “amma, are you okay with me studying anywhere outside Chennai, within India?” Somehow I expected her to say “of course, its your decision” but she said “I need to talk to your dad about it, give us tonight and I will tell you tomorrow.” I said, “okay” with a face that I was trying so hard to keep happy. I also told her about the colleges I had in mind. And she said “okay I will get back to you.” and then I asked her “amma what if you say no and that I cant study away from here..? I need to find alternative colleges here also right?” and she turned to me with a look that I interpreted said “exactly that. Go figure tha t out”.

I walked out of the room and walked up the stairs, got into my room, put my bag aside and lay down on my bed and then slowly I began to realize that I was crying. I don’t know why, but I’m guessing it is that feeling of uncertainty that comes with youth, as people say.

All of a sudden being clueless upsets me, especially for a girl who decided to celebrate her confusions, as she had time. And time is what I don’t have right now. I was up until today never afraid of a blank page, but do I still feel the same way about blank pages, not knowing what to write about or what to write further? Questions are easy, answers are difficult. I am so desperately trying to give myself answers and just when I seem to be on the verge of finding something, my blood people don’t quite see what I see. Ironic right? Actually…no. Pathetic is the word for how I feel. Especially since all my friends know exactly what they are going to do after college.

Going with the flow was and is never my type. I believe in “prepare and fight head on” but I failed at what I believe in. I am not prepared and I don’t know what or whom I am fighting. Is it the pressure of turning 20 and racing towards adulthood that I am terrified of or is it the want not to disappoint people? Is it the feeling of growing into something that I have only seen other people become? I don’t know. All I know is I hate change and I hate having to grow up.

And all of a sudden I wish I was peter pan, who was young, is young, and always will be young. Forever.

Sruthi Laya

AAT media college


It was perhaps in the year 2007 or in the year 2008 that my parents got legally separated. It was in the court that I had seen the two of them together, that too for the very last time. It was also a time that my Board exams were knocking at the door. Henceforth, it was to be ensured on my part that I performed exceptionally well, though I must say that I was terrible at Mathematics. I still am. Anyways, since I was heavily inclined towards the Arts I performed exceptionally well in English, Bengali and Social Science having got an A+ in each one of them. Though my life was at crossroads and I had to choose for myself as to how my life would shape up, it was imperative that I took charge of my life. Finally! And I did. At this juncture I need to dwell upon some aspects of my life which harbor immense importance as far as my life is concerned. This is because as long as these aspects that I’m talking about are not clarified, it would be di fficult to perceive the picture in a comprehensive holistic perspective. It is my life, after all. And it is completely up to me as to what I make of it. Henceforth, I would not shirk from admitting facts that others would consider personal and would feel apprehensive to disclose them. So, without further ado, I’ll just hit the nail straightaway on its head. As I mentioned at the very onset, the time that my parents were getting divorced was clashing with my approaching Board Exams. There was so much chaos in the house regarding the separation that was about to take place. No wonder, it was affecting me psychologically. I knew the reason of the divorce and hence I could empathize and not simply sympathize with my mother. My father was all responsible for it, for he never had the time to devote some of his quality time to his wife and his own child owing to the fact that he was highly addicted to alcohol. My mother had tried to the best of her efforts to bring about a noticeable change in him just for the sake of keeping the family together. But nothing unfortunately was falling into place. Everything seemed so bleak that hell broke loose. And finally the divorce did take place. Though it had upset me to every extent humanly understandable I was trying to pick up the stones and move forward in life. My mother would cry in front of me and would plead such that I could release her from the trauma that she was going through with each passing day. I really do not know why I would feel so guilty stricken. I could understand her emotions but was unable to reconcile to the fact that a family that was nourished with so much of love and affection was finally going to fall apart. At last, I did give in to her incessant pleas. I did ask her to divorce my father and live a life on her own terms. She really deserved that much in the course of the 16-17 years of her marriage with my father. Today I blame no one. Its my fate indeed. But what is so significant has to be analyzed extremely psychologically. Why did not a marriage which lasted for about 16-17 years fell on its knees? This is a question which perturbed me to a great extent. I realized the answer to this question when I took up Psychology in my +2. I still remember that I got the highest in this subject itself. Anyways, I realized with great efficiency that every relationship whether affinal or consanguinal needs an amount of space that it so rightfully deserves. Trust, space and compromise ought to be the hallmark of every relationship in concern. I tended to realize though slowly that may be one of these elements was missing in the relationship that my parents shared. I won’t talk about the hardships that I faced simply because this is something every child of a divorced couple faces or perhaps continues to face. And yes, I am one amongst them indeed. So, I would love to conclude my set of experiences here because of the fact that I feel I’ve said enough. Said even more than what I had expected myself to write about. Having said that, I must admit that I really haven’t lost faith in the institution of marriage too surprisingly indeed. On the contrary, these experiences have strengthened and has reaffirmed my faith in this institution even more. I’ve realized that a person learns when he makes mistakes and falters but to make amends very soon. Hence, at this juncture I hold my head high because I’m well aware of the ingredients to sustain a marriage. This is to talk about a marriage that not only sustains itself on grounds of love and faith, but on grounds of space and acceptance as well. Hence, had I really not experienced all this, I really would’ve missed out on an experience of what I call something which comes so rarely in life. I thank my stars for all of this and frankly speaking, I’ve started taking everything in my stride from that day onward. It’s been an experience and I say this being as proud as possible.

Rajarshi Das

Jadavpur University, Department of History


and it will always be..

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I love you today, as much as I did yesterday, or probably a bit more than that..

You never asked, nor had I the courage to say and probably I’ll leave it at that…

Sanhita Baruah

Assam Engineering College