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As Swami Vivekananda said, aim high, I too believe that he must have said it for the benefit of the people and by analyzing them, as the picture I have got also depicts the same thought as the small boy standing alone on the basketball ground is trying aim for the basketball ring. He is not having any thoughts whether the ball would reach his aim or not.

The same thing applies to all human beings, trying to making our aim is not bad but leaving things that they are big and can’t be achieved is wrong. Everyone knows all big things start from a very small base. If we start thinking that how can we achieve the magnificent at all, it would be an utterly wrong concept, flowing through us. Instead one should have a high aim and make himself that much capable so that he could be different from what he is at the time.

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If you think, that the great basketball players didn’t play so great, then miraculously they started playing great? You’re again thinking wrong! No, there is a lot of hard work and time which they have invested out of courts to become the great player they are today. The same case is with all other spheres of life. You cannot achieve higher aims thinking on your bed. I don’t say dreaming in your bed is a wrong thing but once you get your idea, like what you have to do or achieve, jump out of your bed and do something that will make you closer to your aim. Every time you analyze you must feel yourself closer and closer to your aim. You will definitely have bad times to making your dreams come true but do not get back from it instead they are the checkpoints in your life so that you learn out from what all mistake you have done and fine a nice solution to it rather than blaming someone else from that situation and leaving your dreams.

At last I would just say aim high and high. I have heard “make sky your limit” but the sky too ends at one part of time so set your ideas and limit free and try to achieve in whatever way you like!


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