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This is my world. My world is amazing and amusing. It comprises of all types of emotions, feelings and aesthetics but the present era has got a bit eroded by the stereotyping of this world into two different parts ‘a man and a woman’. These two are the protagonists of this real time play called “life”.

Though they stand even yet they are distinguished as odds. Why is it so? I am a woman myself. Woman has a high emotional quotient but men treat them to be the people with dark sided feelings as far as their expressions are considered. I want my world to be free from this stereotyping. My world should have no dark and white sides. It should have an equal consideration for both.

Man has eroded his own personality by treating woman as a puppet of his hand. Today woman are scared of men being around, the deadly and scary image of men have evolved the dark or the negative side of my world. Women are becoming prey to men who extort them, harass them and take the whole individuality out of the women. My heart yells to this ruthless attitude of my own world. But maybe there is still some hope left.

 As one day I was reflecting over the dramatic and awful situation of my world, a tear rolled my cheeks and seemed to yell to me that why I am so biased against the other protagonist of my own world?

Men may also have the bright and positive side. Not all men are culprits; not all women are victims! What if one of them goes missing? Oh! My world would end. Woman and man form an integral part of this veracious livelihood. I cannot afford losing any of them. Men also have feelings. My better half is the best example. He is the man who keeps the woman of his life before himself when the question of respect, individuality and love arises. So, if I can find one like him then how can the world be devoid of such great men?

No! I won’t let that happen, I won’t let the world to distinguish my protagonists on the grounds of emotion and feelings just because of few scars. Though a coin has two sides so does life. But my world’s two sides are not opposite to each other. The two sides are actually complementing each other. The white side is the serenity of their relationship and dark side calls for the tough and aggressive attitude of two protagonists towards any kind of situation that may try to tear them apart. May be the next few lines reflect my idea:

selected (39)

        “You may find the idea of my world abstruse,

          But it doesn’t affect me of getting it over!

          My view is profusely optimistic to create a bridge between the two ends,

          Who are the protagonists; always treated obtuse.”

For people my idea of having world in which man and woman are not at odds with each other is hard to understand  but this won’t stop me because I m highly motivated towards bridging this gap between two protagonists of life who are not understood easily and truly by others.

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