Childhood of Rich and Poor

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The picture clearly shows the difference among rich and poor people. Moreover it is also showing the racial discrimination. We can see that clearly in the picture the white and black color of the two different children.

Basically, we are given an example that how the life of poor and rich people is different. As we can see that the one who is poor is playing and enjoying with water. We can also examine that though his dressing is not that good but he is not bothered about it. The little child whose color is quite fair than the other is standing still far behind that boy and just watching the other fellow playing with water. It seems that the little boy who is standing behind with his family wants to play like him. The picture clearly depicts the desire of the rich child to play with water but he cannot do so because of some boundations and the differences which are there between rich and poor or black and white.

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Picture is setting an example for the differences that are created between rich and poor people from birth only.

In the picture the two sides of water clearly shows the difference among the two classes of people. On one side there is this small child who is standing behind the line of water showing richness and on the other side of water the other child playing with water showing poverty.

 So in a nutshell the picture is describing or giving the overview about difference among rich and poor, white and black. It clearly indicates racism also. We can see these differences from the dressing sense of the two, by activities of them and the line of water which is dividing both of them into two different states of richness and poverty.

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