FREEDOM – My story

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After a long working hour of the morning shift at last I have reached my home,  in need of a cup of coffee and some snacks.

        “Hey, Payal just bring some coffee and the snacks which we brought yesterday”, I said in a tired tone.

       “You have to bring those snacks once more and this time in a large quantity”, Payal said.

      “What happened to the snacks which were present in the kitchen yesterday”, I said.

      “All finished, some guests arrived in the morning”, Payal said.

After a short conversation on the coffee and snacks topic I just changed clothes and moved towards the stairs which leads to the terrace.

     “At least take your coffee”, Payal said.

Holding the mug of coffee with both the hands I headed towards the terrace.

Feeling the cold and warmness of the nature I was just attracted by it on the time just before the sunset it feels like a great pressure, seeing the birds returning home and birds flying in the open space all around.

      And just look at me after doing a lot work in the office just can’t get some snacks to eat. Who is responsible for this? Who made me work so much? Why I can’t be free like birds flying in the air.

     Why can’t I feel my freedom just like the birds in the sky?

     Don’t these birds have anything to do? Do they have families, do they have guests who come and eat away all their snacks and you are forced to buy more from the shop?

    I don’t know why I am considering just a small task so laborious. But I can say that I am not able to feel the freedom. I have rights to freedom. Why a bird can fly freely and feel like, they are going to reach the sun.

   I question on the freedom of birds, why are the laborious and time consuming works given to me to bear and the birds jut fly opening their wing wide in the air, flying aimlessly in air.

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   Do these birds have work shift, do they produce contract or do they search for the companies on the Vaio laptops.

   Why? God why me!? All the freedom to birds and not at all to me.

   “Freedom, freedom everywhere not a freedom to me.” I don’t know from where I am getting such an idiotic quote but I am in a serious envy with these colorful birds.

    It seems like they are going to eat my mind away because they have freedom and I can’t shoot them with my AK47 because I don’t have freedom and also I don’t have an AK47.

   Why freedom is not equally distributed equally amongst all. Why my wife Payal has just only one work that is cooking and she is not at all good at it and all the other work I have to do. Alone and all by myself.

   If I would have got to ask about the freedom distribution from the God, and pass a judgement on Him, till now He would be making wheat flour behind the iron bars.

   “Is freedom a stage of mind or it’s my imagination. Or I am mad. Oh God, I don’t know freedom over there too.

  I should write a letter to God on the issue of increasing the freedom limit of mine. Might be my freedom package have expired.

  I just wish to say some words this free FLYING BIRDS. But again I lose my freedom. In saying these words at my house, at my office and not even in front of a mirror, after all I am not mad.

  Might be madness in inversely proportional to the freedom:

                              Madness α  

  As freedom increases, madness decreases.

  I think the second case in just going with me right now.

   Oh shit, the last sip of coffee. I don’t have freedom over my coffee also.

   By the way who were the guests who ate my snacks and I have to be empty stomach for such a long time. I must ask Payal who the hell were they people finished my snack.

  “Hey Payal, who were the guests who came to house at noon in my absence.” I said to Payal in a mad or say angry tone.

  Payal replied “Your boss and his wife”.

   Hey God what is your problem why is my boss torturing me from both sides one from office and another from my house also.

   And huh, I don’t have the freedom to say the words which are on my tongue, even in their absence.

    “Freedom is not given, freedom is what you take”.

    This quote is a shit about freedom. Just wasted my 40 minutes thinking about the birds flying over me.

     And yeah, thanks for shitting on my new shirt and I can’t tell you anything because you have my power, the life, the greetings, the blessings of freedom.

     Go fly back to home and sleep its already dark!

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