Love, Unspoken

Posted: April 11, 2013 by Ankur in Live Events, Writes...
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She thinks about him everyday,
Always planning what to say.
Perfect chances passed her by
But she just couldn’t tell this guy.
No matter what she’d ever do,
He still didn’t have a clue.

Forever, she hoped to have him here
Always, she dreamed to hold him near.
She tries not to stare, she tries not to hide
She tries not to show that she has always lied.
She keeps it down inside her heart
Hoping that nothing falls apart.

Time passes and they both grow
But still she never lets him know.
Where ever he goes, her heart will follow
But sadly, ever, only she will know.
I hope her heart will never be broken
All because of her love unspoken.

Monalisa Sethi

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