Just an Ordinary Day

Posted: April 13, 2013 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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An ordinary day, one of those ordinary mornings
classes, & all those ordinary things
But everything wasn’t that ordinary!
there were tears in her eyes…
My crush or love probably
was sitting alongside me.
Desperate to hide her tears
my eyes bluffing me,moved towards her every now & then
my mind cultivating all kinds of fears
was waiting for the class to get over
to know the reason behind this torture.
But i didn’t have to wait long enough
soon the news arrived, the news that shook me up
He was leaving!
Leaving her & probably the country
Speechless, dumbstruck I turned towards my friends
they said they were happy for me!
And then i turned towards her again
only to see that face painted in pain
I was clueless, how to react, what to infer
there were people congratulating me
& there was her face dull as a maple.
I tried but couldn’t talk to her
couldn’t look into those eyes.
The friend in me had grown weaker,
or probably strong
knew not what i was doing(or what i wasn’t)
was right or was wrong.
Morning to the noon & then evening
dumb as a lamb i just looked at her
time & again & again till we departed.
The moon grew clearer & so did my mind
she needed a true friend & that is what i’ll be
but, i still lacked the courage to say, “just talk to me”
“talk to me & everything will be fine”
Anyways,texts came to my rescue
I flooded her with jokes .
She realized i knew the scene & needed no clue.
I could feel the despair in her words
just kept on talking to her,heard everything she had to say
And told her he will come back!!
He’ll come back & weeping wasn’t the right decision
with that sinking feel & a question…
“why was i doing this?”
“why was i planning to loose my own bliss?”
But i continued,wasn’t ready to leave her alone that night,
just didn’t want to keep her away.
It was probably the friend in me or the admirer
or the care i had for her in my own way,
that wanted her to stay happy,
to get that smile back up there.
Having shared all her thoughts,she was off to sleep
leaving me with cyclones of thoughts in the world so unfair.
Next day there was another task awaiting
“How would i face her?”
Will the friend within again,win over the other part of me?
The dilemma seemed endless but
it was ended soon,luckily(or unluckily)
when her face brimming with joy
said to me,”it was a prank, he isn’t going anywhere”
Alas, i was speechless, dumbstruck
all i could do was to stare.
Stare at those eyes bubbling with cheerfulness
& the face now painted with happiness.
She pinched me & asked “what happened to you now?”
I smiled & said,
“see didn’t i say,just talk to me & everything will be fine?”
she replied, 
“no why?”
I laughed & replied,
“i said it now,didn’t i?”
laughed again, peeped into those eyes again
& just walked away…

Apurv Srivastava



‘A Day in Your Life’ contest…

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