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Just a SLEEPLESS Friday Night!!!!

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So when I am writing this, it is already GOOD MORNING (for those who slept ;-)). Time is 5.30 A.M. in Indian Standard Time to be precise or say to avoid my friends’ questions like which timezone. 😉 .

Headphones are resting on my ears and making me feel like any Sa Re Ga Ma Pa programe’s Judge. A hot bowl of Maggi is besides me. Yeah, Don’t worry. I’m sharing that with my laptop’s keyboard also.

Hmm.. So let me rewind when this all started and I ended up in a sleepless Friday night at my flat.

After returning form, this began with a Hollywood blockbuster “The Incredible Hulk” on TV and followed by a typical bollywood masala movie “Chashme Baddoor” (Jisme Pyaar ka Punchnama wala actor hai “Liquid”) back to back which killed our almost 4 and half hour. Mix Chaat of Holly-Bolly really just made the starting of friday night spicy. Chill!!! I am not going to bore you with movie review. 😛

It was 01.30 A.M. when my friends (Flatmates,Training Batch-mates or call whatsoever. ;-)) went to bed and one of guards of my society was just making sure that I should not sleep by whistling continuously.
Anyways I opened Facebook just to make my daily quota of social networking complete. My friends say that my meal will not digest if i don’t use Facebook before sleeping. This is where i took WRONG TURN. After satisfying my hunger of liking and commenting, I ended up into chatting with one of my best buddies of college and my senior.This was the high-time when our brains were in its maximum performance mode and our thoughts were flowing like hell. (Hawaai Kile…. [Castles of Air 😉 ] ).
Time also flew away and it was 4.30 A.M. now. I bade them a Good Night and thought of sleeping but accidently clicked on a link in newsfeed and then I found myself on a Personality test website. It was appealing so I took the test, First one, then two and so on. Quite Amusing You can say. Result what I found was pretty interesting and got to know that I possess ENTP kind of personality. (Facebook was still open.)

To my surprise, I could relate that to my self. I was just wondering and then my stomach roared loudly. Ohh!!! I forgot that last time I ate something was 8 hours before as It was 5.15 A.M. Now.
By the grace of God, we had maggi for emergency ;-). So Just left everything, put my headphones on my Listening senses, Started Music Player on cheap ShyaamSingh’s (Samsung) phone and I was all set to make some Bhasad in Kitchen. Hopefully, Maggi was prepared well and I’m now at starting point of my post.

It was 5.30 A.M. (Yeah, IST again).

By the end of writing this post, Electric bulbs and tubelights of Pune now have been turned off as “Chandaa Maama So gaye.. Suraj Chachu Jaage”. The Light of dawn was raising its wings.
As now I’m finishing this post, I’ll be leaving for balcony and enjoy some eyes-soothing sceneries with cool breeze outside.

GOOD MORNING FOLKS.!!!! 🙂 See you soon.
Ohh!! ha… The Birthday Journey – Part 2 is in progress. If you missed part 1 then reach from here.

P.S. – If you find HULK anywhere then please tell him that I’ve mentioned him in my blog-post He once requested me to blog about him or at-least put his name once. 😉 😀
Are still here!!!!!!!! Well, Just witnessed Rising Sun and so are doing my hopes with life.

Kuldeep Singh Rathore

IBM India Pvt Ltd, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar

Dont know how long is it!
That i have to resist everything.
Hide all the truth in my heart.
Every time we meet
Every time you turn to me
That I pretend to be still

Do you know how much I have to force myself..
Can you hear that???
But I can’t reveal my true feelings to anyone…
Can only hope you will know it someday 

Though I hate you,
Though I don’t want to see you
But deep inside I’m not brave enough to tell
That how much I miss u…

Everytime we meet
Every time you turn to me
When our eyes met,
I expected love in it..
But you always hurt me….

Don’t you have any idea how much I force 
You can’t feel it…


Sancharan – Shobhit & Dinesh

309 days, 22589 kms, buses, trains ,cycle, motorcycle, the vast Thar desert in the west , the Great Indian ocean in the south, the enchanting Garo and Khasi hills in the east and the mighty Himalayas in the north, from living a nomadic to a lavish life ,from sleeping on the footpath to a five star home stay …taking however it came and not only experienced but touched and felt the magnanimous and compassionate heart of India..we might be physically down but spiritually grown, have seen reality beyond perception which ignited our spirits to feel the need to serve the country and its people…..the unplanned and spontaneous vision giving yatra ‘Sancharan’ is over but the journey doesn’t end here…

.Sancharan – “A Journey into transformation” is all about that, finding out the meaning of life. It is about me, Dinesh & my friend, two lives running parallel for a while, with similar passion and dream. we set out for a journey across the country with just a backpack and maps on 15th November 2011 from Udaipur, Rajasthan. To unknown directions and to go from a region of known to unknown world, to re-define the meaning of life through “spiritual, Social and adventures experience.

We met in Bangalore, after completing our MBA from different colleges we got placed in a same telecom company. We worked there for 3 years and while working together, while sharing our thoughts, brought this thing out that though everything in job is going right but this is not the work we are suppose to do our whole life, we realized that we were born to do something else not just for usselves but for others, for humanity, for the country by serving us, doing something which makes sense. Hence came this journey, a journey of experience, a journey of learning, a journey of transformation.

We take this experience as merely a beginning to challenge to ignite our spirit”. We touched & experienced the real India, the heart of India. In the villages, schools, tribes, deserts, nomads, seashores, oceans, forests, mountains. It started right from west and far south then eastern India and finally to North India …Himalayas. We did not carry much money with us; we worked, earned then financed the travelling part. Travelled in general compartment of train, buses, taking lifts and after 6 months of journey we bought a used bike to explore more in Himalayan region to the remote villages & tribes, using our medical emergency money. About food and stay, our country and its people have a big heart and they took care of us without any expectation. We did have tent as well, so wherever we couldn’t get any place than the tent gave us another experience. 

We knew that this journey is no picnic …there will be hurdles, bad days and we might see the worst but we will see the best days as well and with a believe that life is either a daring adventure or nothing and we have to start now because the Time is always right to do, what is right. Someone says”20 yrs from now you’ll be more disappointed by the thing you did not do, than by once you did Do”.

Some how things fell in place for us to set off for a journey but it wasn’t always true ,once it started off but we were prepared for that and why not, because the real adventure spirit lies in the excitement where one is challenged by unfavorable circumstances in life. This journey took us through the length and breadth of the vast country, India, got to know it better with its culture, spirituality, its varied natural vegetation and ever so changing charisma after every 100 miles.

And the most important aspect was our vision came out of this journey, while travelling we saw, experienced the pain points of India, when we visited schools, colleges, having sessions with students on EQ(emotional quotient), career guidance, computers. We realized that the real solution lies in education, not just education which gives certificate but education which makes a man, character making, skill developing education, education with moral values and a to live a life , not only for self but for others as well. There are around 6, 00,000 villages in India and irony is that children of villages, are way to far from this sort of education.

At present we are still connecting to people and in search for some platform/space where we can be connected to youth and get to utilize, share the experience.

Dinesh menaria


The Blind Turn

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“Don’t go, please!” said she clutching his hand more tightly than ever. She’d been holding his hand ever since she came within striking distance to him. And she came running. She entangled her fingers with his as if tying the knots to hold him from moving even a step away from her. And to be sure of her grip she clasped her hand around his arm. She really wanted him to stay with her, not just this time but till the last breath.

Now, they were… No, actually she, also forcing him, was dawdling towards the bus stand on a silent street. Temperature was unamiably -2° Celsius and sky was veiled by the invisible dark clouds. White flakes of snow were pouring out of nowhere. Dusk, which seemed splendidly romantic, was ruined by the macabre thought of them being apart. Amid the pouring snow they began the journey of their end.

My love, you know this is for us, right?” Said he unhitching her finger knots which seemed like a herculean task, just to comfort her into his embrace. But she tied the finger knots again. “This is for us to be together in future. Don’t you want that meri jaan? “

He was leaving the place. Not just the place but his love and life behind. Destiny coerced him into leaving the place for a couple of years or else which asshole would want to stay away from his way-out-of-the-league girlfriend. This thought wrecked his heart. But what shattered him more was the fact that this brutal step of his destiny is a dose of lethal pain for his love. He wanted to elope with her to the world where they could be together for their entire life. But destiny isn’t so embecile.

“I’ll die here missing you baby. I love you so much”. Said she closing her eyes to make the pearls roll down to her irresistibly caresssable cheeks to eventually fall off on his cardigan. “What on earth is your jaan going to do without you? We’ve lived together for 6 years. We used to meet every day and talk every night. I am your half wife already. Please take me along, noh! Talk to my parents… Ask for my hand… Please I don’t want to die here missing you… please.” And she kept blabbering innocently. She kept talking nineteen to dozen for the next 10 minutes.

“Accha baba I’ll do it, but for that you got to promise me something. Will you?”

“Yeah what?” she said wondering what it would be.

“Promise me that you’ll lose weight and won’t eat chocolates as much as you eat now or else I’ll run out of the every penny I have buying you chocolates only.” He said teasing her.

“What? Sacchi? ..No! I am sexier than you. Shut up”. Said she suddenly back to her own kid-ish self.

Mission accomplished… “Nahi jaan.” Said he. He was in the dilemma of telling her the truth or not. He knew it would make her sad again but she needed to know the it. “Promise me that you’ll take care of yourself. You’ll eat well and get fatty. You’ll never cry and you’ll miss me. Also, you’ll love me more than ever. Will you?”

“Yes” she murmured. “I love you more than you think I do.”

I love you too meri jaan.” he said and opened his arms for her to fall back where she belonged. She belonged to him. Only him.

Wrapped into each other’s arms they stood their admiring their eternal love. As the snowflakes kissed their cheeks their lips too found their purpose. They kissed. Snowflakes were falling from heaven as if the angels were showering flowers to celebrate this moment of oneness.

Finally they walked to bus stand and found his bus already there. The moment had come which she, more than him, feared the most. His departure. She held his hand and tied her finger knots again but all in vain. He had to go and she had to dwell in to-be-strange place alone.

I love you” he said and hugged her for the one last final time.

“hmm” she murmured. She couldn’t bring herself to speak. The burden was more than enough for her. She cried.

He forced himself to unwrap his arms around her and it took him all his strength to loosen her grip on him and let himself go. He boarded the bus in haste for the lethal pain had now encompassed him and he knew he could not hold it any longer.

Bus moved, taking him away from her from his world. He watched her through the window standing there alone. Crying, wondering if this is happening for real. If he’s really going away. If he’ll ever come back to her.

He watched her until the bus took turn not just on the road but to their lives.

Saif Sheikh

The Dream…

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It was an unusually cool summer evening.

He wondered as his eyes pierced the rain

Did he deserve the sarcasm gnawing into him?

And were all those years just efforts in vain?

Eternal bliss is a figment of a stupid dream.


The intermittent cool gust soothed his senses.

“Where am I wrong?”, he scoured his mind.

Multiple questions to which answers there were none.

Tiny pieces missing in action that once did bind

The souls that were destined to be one.


Outside the window, the rains fell noisier.

Monotony is not to be blamed.

Yet he only saw a vast vacuum appear

The wind chimes sang the night away in irony

Perhaps, if not the love, the friendship can last forever.


The skies still broke into thunderous applauses.

An uneasiness hangs in the conversations.

Silence had never been so difficult to bear

He chided himself for his ‘independence’

As Eagles persistently sent him into depths of despair.


 The heavens finally mellowed down their madness.

Across those faded pages, he ran his fingers

As memories came crashing down from yesteryears

And they gave him what he needed most.

They gave him hope.

Deepayan Bhadra


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Shitty it was a concept that love and people falling in it was to me. Nevertheless I wasn’t indifferent towards it and did appreciate it in certain diaries but mostly, it was so not something that could have happened to me and this was terminal in my head.

But “Man proposes God disposes” , in my case God disposed it in a pretty recyclable manner when die hard friendship and a soul friend of mine shattered my set and stern dimensions about love and prepositions….

It was different, it was quiet a transition but I’ll accept that I was unnecessarily running away from it and behaving an orthodox anti philosophist towards it when it was a phenomenology pretty extraordinary…

From mere acquaintances to good friends to besties to soul buddies who could not think about a day without hearing each other….and voice of each serving music to the other.

The progression eventually lead to a kind of platform in our lives wherein , the two of us didn’t “FALL IN LOVE “but “GREW IN LOVE”. Things started appearing beautiful, perception towards everything underwent a transformation, certainly for the good.

Silly sweet doings such as switching over to Enrich Sehgal from Thomas Hardy and paying a glance to the love and relationship module of the horoscope when at a certain point of time it was strainy and stringent to my eyes.

The motive behind this expression is yet an occult but what each story has is a moral as the sweet end ,so has this narrative that still sustains itself, it being that one should not run away from any kind of Romeofication or Julietofication as I would put it just because of presets like it being a waste of time and a dirt concept.

Yashima Yadav

National Institute of Fashion Technology


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We make them,
We break them,
We ask for them,
but sometimes fail to understand them.
they connect everyone,
like d best happiness n fun.
today they are scattered somewhere
and we stand alone with no one to share.
Fights and taunts dissolve them and end up only with tears,
what endures is love understanding,which help them to cure.
Who are they? Where do they live,is the question face
they are nothing but RELATIONS in human race..!
Priyanka Desai

Who is me?

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Things to develop for my set,
is true war for me.
But first and last the pre question.
Who is me?Who is me?
Got birth on the earth,
Got name by the birth.
But for what?
I’am being on the earth.
As the patriot and the poet.
diverting nature to a new world.
At few humorous for world
But incredible for next world.
Sometimes gone illogical,
but after that become miracle.
Learning the new book of those,
Inspiring from them in two dose.
I understand ,I stood.
What should so I could?
New to men and new to world,
You will be one of that world.
I am not in the world
But people are turning my word.

Alok Maurya

FET, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar

One cold winter day i was returning home after a long interval of time and i was happy because i really tried hard to get permission and it’s worth it because i’m a homeward bound person. My college is strictest in whole city and college management was full of cold-hearted people, however they allowed me for admission in their college despite my awful rank.

However bus was streaming fast on highway and i was busy in mind about thoughts that occur rapidly and diminishing like what is reaction on mummy’s face when she first saw me. What are her first words, are they about my health or exams, what’s about her approval on bike problem. Bike problem is actually sometimes related to my nature that once i determined something then i can do everything to get it and this time i want to transfer my bike from home to hostel in jaipur but my parents are not approving it. Always they say something, “we have bought you everything you wanted and required but what’s the use for this damn bike in your hostel when college is so near”.

Do you have a girlfriend? I should admit that i am not a playboy and i don’t have, never had a “girlfriend”. I always want this to be true but don’t have enough courage for this shit. My friends always insisted on this and some of them succeeded but i am alone in this whole world and considered myself as the happiest person but i know in my heart that i am not. Suddenly brakes jerked and bus stopped. It was last stoppage of bus in jaipur city and i was praying that please god, a beautiful barbie doll type girl should enter through door and be seated near me and that she can be my girlfriend and i’m no more alone in this fucking whole world…

…to be continued as I usher my life’s treasured moments little by little…

Abhishek Saini

Dubiety – Love or life

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Arjun caught her by his hands and pulled her close to him and whispered, ” I Love you ” and reply was not formal , she kissed  his frolic lips and soon both were engulfed in ecstasy that camouflaged the imageries of Tahiti , this being a French island public display of affection was no sin as in India.

Their thirty day long honeymoon was coming to an end . They were waiting at the Heathrow to board a flight back to India . In the flight , she found herself beside an Indian and from the looks he bore he appeared to be in the late 20’s and was a little stout . He was too busy with his laptop to take notice of her .

They were asked to fasten their seat belts and remain in their seats and that was when she took notice of  the guy next to her and saw his face clearly . She was startled and realised he was no stranger but her classmate sometime back. They had been classmates for 4 long years after which they had lost contact  or to put it straight they forced themselves not to stay in touch as things had turned sour between them .

That didn’t seem to bother her now as she stretched her gleaming hand  towards him and that took him by surprise, it just took him a moment to realise that it was Pooja , the girl he had loved for four years . All his memories came flashing by, the telephonic conversations they had, the romantic texts they had exchanged and the jokes they had shared , things that were burnt to ashes and carried away by the winds of destiny .

He didn’t want to ignore her so he waved back with a weak smirk , that didn’t bellyache her much as she deserved this kind of response from him , for what she had done six years back . She started off by apologising , but it was irrelevant at this juncture of time as both of them had moved on with their lives , at least that was what Pooja thought .

Pooja leaned back against her seat and found herself in a new world , at the entrance of IIT Bombay . Things started getting familiar and  there was Ashwin sitting in the second last bench of the class and she started walking towards him and that was when she realised a younger version of herself sitting beside him . He was holding her hand and was trying to console her but all his efforts seemed to bear no fruit , she told him ” we could never be together as my parents are totally against me in partnering you  ” and all of a sudden she saw herself moving towards her followed by a sudden glitch and there she stormed out of the classroom .

“Honey what happened , you have been sleeping straight five hours ? ” said Arjun . She replied with an impeccable smile which spoke for itself . She immediately turned to see if Ashwin was still there, he was reading a novel and her focus now changed to the cover of the novel and to her surprise it was the book she had gifted him and she was taken aback when she noticed that he was still using the Parker she had gifted him on his 20th birthday and what not , the same tie she had got him on his 21st birthday . She felt as if she was caught under quicksand , pulling her down slowly with guilt . All these things  portrayed her as a despicable person and put her off totally .

 Every seed of respect she had for him now nurtured into love and the blossomed flowers whining out  his name; she lost control over her emotions as she leapt to kiss Ashwin on his cheeks . Arjun with an uneasy feeling of thrust got to his feet and came closer to Pooja and pulled her back . The Stewardess came running towards Arjun and asked him to take his seat as the flight was going to land  and with a rude snub he went back to his seat , his eyes still filled with anger and remorse .

The three were up at the Indira Gandhi International Airport entrance where , Pooja explained everything to Arjun which left him in state of shock and that awkward moment when he realised that his wife no more loves him  just made him feel belittled . Arjun had truly loved her and now she was asking him to sacrifice his love for her . Arjun stood silent laughing at the parody of life , he was just after a honeymoon and now his wife was ready to leave him and the sole reason being Ashwin . Arjun walked furiously towards Ashwin on the verge of hitting him but rather patted his back and asked  him to  take good care of his wife and he said he would sign the divorce papers soon .

Arjun turned back immediately but that didn’t stop Ashwin from noticing the small tear trickle down  his cheeks and understood that he was just a mole in front of his mountain of love . Ashwin could see that  Arjun and Pooja were like fire and air and without air to breath the fire would die off soon.   Ashwin walked to Pooja and told her,” I’m sorry Pooj you know how much I love you and I have no problem in taking you  with me, you are in a state of dubiousness so I want you to close your eyes and think twice about Arjun and the sacrifice that he has done now just for the sake of loving you , NO normal person would do this and should you really do this to him ? I don’t want my love to make the same mistake every other girl would do , “Understand HALF , Think ZERO and React DOUBLE ” .

Ashwin removed his tie and gave it to Arjun and asked him to wear it to his wedding  and promised Pooja that he would always be there for her in times of need .  

 PS: It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped .

Sandesh Bhaskar