Dubiety – Love or life

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Arjun caught her by his hands and pulled her close to him and whispered, ” I Love you ” and reply was not formal , she kissed  his frolic lips and soon both were engulfed in ecstasy that camouflaged the imageries of Tahiti , this being a French island public display of affection was no sin as in India.

Their thirty day long honeymoon was coming to an end . They were waiting at the Heathrow to board a flight back to India . In the flight , she found herself beside an Indian and from the looks he bore he appeared to be in the late 20’s and was a little stout . He was too busy with his laptop to take notice of her .

They were asked to fasten their seat belts and remain in their seats and that was when she took notice of  the guy next to her and saw his face clearly . She was startled and realised he was no stranger but her classmate sometime back. They had been classmates for 4 long years after which they had lost contact  or to put it straight they forced themselves not to stay in touch as things had turned sour between them .

That didn’t seem to bother her now as she stretched her gleaming hand  towards him and that took him by surprise, it just took him a moment to realise that it was Pooja , the girl he had loved for four years . All his memories came flashing by, the telephonic conversations they had, the romantic texts they had exchanged and the jokes they had shared , things that were burnt to ashes and carried away by the winds of destiny .

He didn’t want to ignore her so he waved back with a weak smirk , that didn’t bellyache her much as she deserved this kind of response from him , for what she had done six years back . She started off by apologising , but it was irrelevant at this juncture of time as both of them had moved on with their lives , at least that was what Pooja thought .

Pooja leaned back against her seat and found herself in a new world , at the entrance of IIT Bombay . Things started getting familiar and  there was Ashwin sitting in the second last bench of the class and she started walking towards him and that was when she realised a younger version of herself sitting beside him . He was holding her hand and was trying to console her but all his efforts seemed to bear no fruit , she told him ” we could never be together as my parents are totally against me in partnering you  ” and all of a sudden she saw herself moving towards her followed by a sudden glitch and there she stormed out of the classroom .

“Honey what happened , you have been sleeping straight five hours ? ” said Arjun . She replied with an impeccable smile which spoke for itself . She immediately turned to see if Ashwin was still there, he was reading a novel and her focus now changed to the cover of the novel and to her surprise it was the book she had gifted him and she was taken aback when she noticed that he was still using the Parker she had gifted him on his 20th birthday and what not , the same tie she had got him on his 21st birthday . She felt as if she was caught under quicksand , pulling her down slowly with guilt . All these things  portrayed her as a despicable person and put her off totally .

 Every seed of respect she had for him now nurtured into love and the blossomed flowers whining out  his name; she lost control over her emotions as she leapt to kiss Ashwin on his cheeks . Arjun with an uneasy feeling of thrust got to his feet and came closer to Pooja and pulled her back . The Stewardess came running towards Arjun and asked him to take his seat as the flight was going to land  and with a rude snub he went back to his seat , his eyes still filled with anger and remorse .

The three were up at the Indira Gandhi International Airport entrance where , Pooja explained everything to Arjun which left him in state of shock and that awkward moment when he realised that his wife no more loves him  just made him feel belittled . Arjun had truly loved her and now she was asking him to sacrifice his love for her . Arjun stood silent laughing at the parody of life , he was just after a honeymoon and now his wife was ready to leave him and the sole reason being Ashwin . Arjun walked furiously towards Ashwin on the verge of hitting him but rather patted his back and asked  him to  take good care of his wife and he said he would sign the divorce papers soon .

Arjun turned back immediately but that didn’t stop Ashwin from noticing the small tear trickle down  his cheeks and understood that he was just a mole in front of his mountain of love . Ashwin could see that  Arjun and Pooja were like fire and air and without air to breath the fire would die off soon.   Ashwin walked to Pooja and told her,” I’m sorry Pooj you know how much I love you and I have no problem in taking you  with me, you are in a state of dubiousness so I want you to close your eyes and think twice about Arjun and the sacrifice that he has done now just for the sake of loving you , NO normal person would do this and should you really do this to him ? I don’t want my love to make the same mistake every other girl would do , “Understand HALF , Think ZERO and React DOUBLE ” .

Ashwin removed his tie and gave it to Arjun and asked him to wear it to his wedding  and promised Pooja that he would always be there for her in times of need .  

 PS: It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped .

Sandesh Bhaskar

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