‘Journey of a Lifetime’; first excerpt of a short story…

Posted: May 18, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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One cold winter day i was returning home after a long interval of time and i was happy because i really tried hard to get permission and it’s worth it because i’m a homeward bound person. My college is strictest in whole city and college management was full of cold-hearted people, however they allowed me for admission in their college despite my awful rank.

However bus was streaming fast on highway and i was busy in mind about thoughts that occur rapidly and diminishing like what is reaction on mummy’s face when she first saw me. What are her first words, are they about my health or exams, what’s about her approval on bike problem. Bike problem is actually sometimes related to my nature that once i determined something then i can do everything to get it and this time i want to transfer my bike from home to hostel in jaipur but my parents are not approving it. Always they say something, “we have bought you everything you wanted and required but what’s the use for this damn bike in your hostel when college is so near”.

Do you have a girlfriend? I should admit that i am not a playboy and i don’t have, never had a “girlfriend”. I always want this to be true but don’t have enough courage for this shit. My friends always insisted on this and some of them succeeded but i am alone in this whole world and considered myself as the happiest person but i know in my heart that i am not. Suddenly brakes jerked and bus stopped. It was last stoppage of bus in jaipur city and i was praying that please god, a beautiful barbie doll type girl should enter through door and be seated near me and that she can be my girlfriend and i’m no more alone in this fucking whole world…

…to be continued as I usher my life’s treasured moments little by little…

Abhishek Saini

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