Posted: May 20, 2013 by Ankur in Writes...
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We make them,
We break them,
We ask for them,
but sometimes fail to understand them.
they connect everyone,
like d best happiness n fun.
today they are scattered somewhere
and we stand alone with no one to share.
Fights and taunts dissolve them and end up only with tears,
what endures is love understanding,which help them to cure.
Who are they? Where do they live,is the question face
they are nothing but RELATIONS in human race..!
Priyanka Desai
  1. excellent………keep writingg…………….

  2. omkar says:

    angatale kide kitihi lapavayche prayatna kele na tari he ase kadhitari baher padtat…nice …chalu thev…

  3. purva says:

    awsum ya……our new poetess

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