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Shitty it was a concept that love and people falling in it was to me. Nevertheless I wasn’t indifferent towards it and did appreciate it in certain diaries but mostly, it was so not something that could have happened to me and this was terminal in my head.

But “Man proposes God disposes” , in my case God disposed it in a pretty recyclable manner when die hard friendship and a soul friend of mine shattered my set and stern dimensions about love and prepositions….

It was different, it was quiet a transition but I’ll accept that I was unnecessarily running away from it and behaving an orthodox anti philosophist towards it when it was a phenomenology pretty extraordinary…

From mere acquaintances to good friends to besties to soul buddies who could not think about a day without hearing each other….and voice of each serving music to the other.

The progression eventually lead to a kind of platform in our lives wherein , the two of us didn’t “FALL IN LOVE “but “GREW IN LOVE”. Things started appearing beautiful, perception towards everything underwent a transformation, certainly for the good.

Silly sweet doings such as switching over to Enrich Sehgal from Thomas Hardy and paying a glance to the love and relationship module of the horoscope when at a certain point of time it was strainy and stringent to my eyes.

The motive behind this expression is yet an occult but what each story has is a moral as the sweet end ,so has this narrative that still sustains itself, it being that one should not run away from any kind of Romeofication or Julietofication as I would put it just because of presets like it being a waste of time and a dirt concept.

Yashima Yadav

National Institute of Fashion Technology

  1. Nikhil Das says:

    A Superlyk to dat…… Romeofication or Julietofication stuff ! Impressive !!

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