The Dream…

Posted: May 22, 2013 by Ankur in Contest, Writes...
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It was an unusually cool summer evening.

He wondered as his eyes pierced the rain

Did he deserve the sarcasm gnawing into him?

And were all those years just efforts in vain?

Eternal bliss is a figment of a stupid dream.


The intermittent cool gust soothed his senses.

“Where am I wrong?”, he scoured his mind.

Multiple questions to which answers there were none.

Tiny pieces missing in action that once did bind

The souls that were destined to be one.


Outside the window, the rains fell noisier.

Monotony is not to be blamed.

Yet he only saw a vast vacuum appear

The wind chimes sang the night away in irony

Perhaps, if not the love, the friendship can last forever.


The skies still broke into thunderous applauses.

An uneasiness hangs in the conversations.

Silence had never been so difficult to bear

He chided himself for his ‘independence’

As Eagles persistently sent him into depths of despair.


 The heavens finally mellowed down their madness.

Across those faded pages, he ran his fingers

As memories came crashing down from yesteryears

And they gave him what he needed most.

They gave him hope.

Deepayan Bhadra

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