The Blind Turn

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“Don’t go, please!” said she clutching his hand more tightly than ever. She’d been holding his hand ever since she came within striking distance to him. And she came running. She entangled her fingers with his as if tying the knots to hold him from moving even a step away from her. And to be sure of her grip she clasped her hand around his arm. She really wanted him to stay with her, not just this time but till the last breath.

Now, they were… No, actually she, also forcing him, was dawdling towards the bus stand on a silent street. Temperature was unamiably -2° Celsius and sky was veiled by the invisible dark clouds. White flakes of snow were pouring out of nowhere. Dusk, which seemed splendidly romantic, was ruined by the macabre thought of them being apart. Amid the pouring snow they began the journey of their end.

My love, you know this is for us, right?” Said he unhitching her finger knots which seemed like a herculean task, just to comfort her into his embrace. But she tied the finger knots again. “This is for us to be together in future. Don’t you want that meri jaan? “

He was leaving the place. Not just the place but his love and life behind. Destiny coerced him into leaving the place for a couple of years or else which asshole would want to stay away from his way-out-of-the-league girlfriend. This thought wrecked his heart. But what shattered him more was the fact that this brutal step of his destiny is a dose of lethal pain for his love. He wanted to elope with her to the world where they could be together for their entire life. But destiny isn’t so embecile.

“I’ll die here missing you baby. I love you so much”. Said she closing her eyes to make the pearls roll down to her irresistibly caresssable cheeks to eventually fall off on his cardigan. “What on earth is your jaan going to do without you? We’ve lived together for 6 years. We used to meet every day and talk every night. I am your half wife already. Please take me along, noh! Talk to my parents… Ask for my hand… Please I don’t want to die here missing you… please.” And she kept blabbering innocently. She kept talking nineteen to dozen for the next 10 minutes.

“Accha baba I’ll do it, but for that you got to promise me something. Will you?”

“Yeah what?” she said wondering what it would be.

“Promise me that you’ll lose weight and won’t eat chocolates as much as you eat now or else I’ll run out of the every penny I have buying you chocolates only.” He said teasing her.

“What? Sacchi? ..No! I am sexier than you. Shut up”. Said she suddenly back to her own kid-ish self.

Mission accomplished… “Nahi jaan.” Said he. He was in the dilemma of telling her the truth or not. He knew it would make her sad again but she needed to know the it. “Promise me that you’ll take care of yourself. You’ll eat well and get fatty. You’ll never cry and you’ll miss me. Also, you’ll love me more than ever. Will you?”

“Yes” she murmured. “I love you more than you think I do.”

I love you too meri jaan.” he said and opened his arms for her to fall back where she belonged. She belonged to him. Only him.

Wrapped into each other’s arms they stood their admiring their eternal love. As the snowflakes kissed their cheeks their lips too found their purpose. They kissed. Snowflakes were falling from heaven as if the angels were showering flowers to celebrate this moment of oneness.

Finally they walked to bus stand and found his bus already there. The moment had come which she, more than him, feared the most. His departure. She held his hand and tied her finger knots again but all in vain. He had to go and she had to dwell in to-be-strange place alone.

I love you” he said and hugged her for the one last final time.

“hmm” she murmured. She couldn’t bring herself to speak. The burden was more than enough for her. She cried.

He forced himself to unwrap his arms around her and it took him all his strength to loosen her grip on him and let himself go. He boarded the bus in haste for the lethal pain had now encompassed him and he knew he could not hold it any longer.

Bus moved, taking him away from her from his world. He watched her through the window standing there alone. Crying, wondering if this is happening for real. If he’s really going away. If he’ll ever come back to her.

He watched her until the bus took turn not just on the road but to their lives.

Saif Sheikh

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